Wednesday, June 6, 2012

SAR #12157

We have traded too much and invested too little.

Six of One... The CIA has carried out a half-dozen pin-point drone strikes in Pakistan in less than two weeks. More than a dozen people militants have been killed, presumably including Abu Yahia al-Libi, the 17th Al-Qaida No. 2 to have died at US hands in the last 10 years.

Among The Missing: Now that oil prices are falling dramatically, how come they're not blaming it on the evil speculators?

Warmup Question: When is a campaign donation a bribe? When it is given to your opponent.

Cap This: Drilling for natural gas is mostly producing capital destruction, as the price of the natural gas and the rapid depletion of gas wells do not permit profitable operation of the wells. But not to worry, it's mostly borrowed money.

Words... Reports say that Romney is "targeting" Hispanic voters. Perhaps; define 'targeting'.

Blame The Messenger: Terrell Owens - who sat out the 2011 season because no team wants to put up with his antics despite his skills - has fired his agent for not being able to find a team that was desperate enough to put up with him. Which is obviously the agent's fault.

Round And Round: After a year of circling the Earth at 17,000 mph, the Air Force's unmanned X-37B is due to land later this month. Grandfather drone.

Spot On: If we have gone all these trillions into debt - publicly and privately - and not used the borrowed funds to improve our production and our infrastructure, haven't we essentially been eating the seed corn?

Another Silly Question: Why isn't our massive unemployment problem a national emergency? Because we no longer have unions, because both political parties are in thrall to the rich, because those few who are still clinging to the middle class are afraid that helping others will harm their own position, because we just don't give a damn about anyone but ourselves.

Perspective: The NAR says there are 2.54 million existing homes for sale in the US. Beijing reports there are 3.8 million vacant houses in that city.

Don't Forget To Breathe: 'Drink 8 glasses of water a day!' Why? There has never been any scientific evidence behind this dictum. Your body, with minor exceptions, does not much care where the moisture comes from - food, coffee or little plastic bottles. But the makers of those little plastic bottles care. Surprising how all the folks in my home town all those decades ago got along just fine without paying a buck a bottle for fancy tap water. And it does not help your dieting at all to drink all that water, no mater what Dr. Jenny says. It's all about taking the money in your pocket and putting it in their pocket. Sleep when you're tired, eat when you're hungry...

Porn O'Graph: Meanwhile, at the Coloseum...

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