Thursday, June 21, 2012

SAR #12172

We are still animals, territorial animals.

Pass It On: European leaders have found a way to solve the problems in the eurozone. They are going to borrow money from Italy and give it to Spain, then borrow money from Spain and give it to Italy. It is hoped that Merkel will let them do this, because most of the money that does not come from Spain and Italy will come from Germany. Maybe, but a senior member of Merkel's party says Athens needs to "make up for lost time.”

Spinning Wheel Spins: The Fed has lowered its guess as to where the economy might be going by 20%, thinks unemployment will stay in the 8.2% range for a while, and sees PCE inflation drooping to about 1.2%. How is it that Bernanke keeps saying that the Fed can do more 'if needed' but never does the more?

Fooled Again: In Greece, the new leadership is the same as the old leadership.

Always Low Wages, Always: Laborers locked in processing plants, forced to work 24-hour shifts, under 24/7 surveillance even in the trailers they are housed in... in Louisiana. Processing seafood for Walmart.

Recovery Slows: Half of all jobs in the US pay less than $34,000 a year. One out of four pays less than $22,000 a year. Food Stamps are the only income for 6 million people. The Republicans, of course, are trying to cut funding for the program.

And Water Is Wet: That House Republicans hold AG Holder in contempt is not news. House Republicans hold everyone who isn't beholden to either the Tea Party or the Koch brothers in contempt.

Quoted:It’s never been clear to moi why “____ should be run like a business” when most businesses fail, and the average lifespan of an S&P 500 company is 15 years.

Asked & Answered: “Are we moving toward a fact-free future?” As distinct, one assumes, from the fact-free present we already live in. Why run up all that debt “getting an education” when all you really need is faith, belief, credulity and the willing suspension of dis-belief?

Can You Hear Me Now? Ottawa Airport has installed microphones throughout the facility to monitor conversations. All the better to protect you.

Mouth/Soap: Michigan Rep Wan Schmidt (R-Penis) says that preventing Rep. Lisa Brown (D-Vagina) from speaking was like “giving a kid a timeout.” And it wasn't because she said 'vagina', it was – he claims – because he doesn't think a woman means 'no' when she says 'no'.

A Washing Of Hands: The Catholic church is fighting efforts by state legislators to lengthen the statute of limitations on sexual abuse cases. They're all for forgiving the sinner, before they have to pay damages.

Porn O'Graph: The price of gas is shocking.

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rjs said...

Can You Hear Me Now?

ottawa citizen took down the story; here it is at the CBC:

Anonymous said...

“____ should be run like a business”

And if all citizens could be treated taxwise like Business, we would all be much richer. Deduct your food, transportation, entertainment, housing, divorce, bad investments, gambling losses, etc.
Why businesses can make stupid, idiotic investments and then deduct them is the ultimate Moral Hazard.

If corporations are people then people should get the same consideration as corporations.