Wednesday, April 2, 2014

SAR #14092

"...and they lived happily ever after."

His Master's Voice: Exxon Mobil has looked at all the evidence and concludes that (1) climate change is real, (2) carbon-based energy use is the major culprit, (3) the consequences of climate change will be dire, but (4) “We do not anticipate society being able to supplant traditional carbon- based forms of energy with other energy forms, such as renewables to the extent needed to meet this carbon budget.”  Happy Motoring!

And then the dog ate my internet connection...

The Parting Shot:

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TulsaTime said...

I hope the dog will be okay, some of that danged internet can be nasty and toxic.

Isn't nutrition a funny thing? They just knew the way it worked and how food worked, and what food did to the body. And they were wrong. What else did they get wrong?????

Even on the Oil Drum, they did not think that we would be able to replace oil based energy, much less a wider 'fossil energy' benchmark. They know, and the Kochs know, that it will be lights out at some point in the decline curve. The pretense of not knowing is to enhance the opportunity for looting and grabbing as much of society as they can. All conservatives know this, and it has led to this great fallback of civilization as looting has become Job number 1. It's like living in the 50's again, but this time the racists are winning.