Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SAR #14108

Innocence Is a Poor Defense

Grace Period: After the government wisely chose not to slaughter the tax-evading ranchers and their survivalist nut-job supporters, none of the US mainstream media reported the story as it was – a case of armed terrorists in the heartland getting away with armed rebellion. If you owed the government 20 years of back taxes, how do you think you'd make out?

Salesmanship: According to the IPCC, climate action is an opportunity, not a burden! Yes, to prevent catastrophic climate change, energy systems (and the lifestyles that they provide for) must be urgently and fundamentally transformed. But we can do it. Yes, we have to stop burning coal, oil and gas. And we can. Soon. Easily. Clean, renewable energy is getting bigger, better and cheaper every day and can now provide the solutions the world needs. The "age of renewables" has arrived, said Candide. “Wouldn't it be wonderful if China, emboldened by its domestic actions, were to lead the world to a new global climate agreement by presenting an ambitious new target with binding emission cuts?” Said the little engine that could. Sure, we're looking at a “breakdown of food systems,” more violent conflicts, and ultimately the breakdown of civilization, but let's not dwell on the negative. It's an opportunity, let's accentuate the positive, whistle while you work. Or while Rome burns, whichever.

Union Busting 101: The NCAA is urging colleges to spread fear among would-be unionizing athletes that joining unions would result in heir losing their scholarships, playing in fewer championship games, a withdrawal of academic support (basket weaving classes), and career counseling. They'll also be charged to use the whirlpools.

Boring: Greenland's ice caps are continuing to accelerate the rate at which they are melting away – exceeding the upwardly revised upwardly revised scientific expectations.

Squeaky Wheels: The states that want the least to do with Washington are the states that are the most dependent on Washington's money – MS, NM, AL, LA, ME, MT, TN, WV, SD, and AZ. Too bad we have to put our money where their mouths are.

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Matte Gray said...

Regarding those ranchers: Shoulda Wacoed 'em.

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

re salesmanship about the big opportunity that climate change offers us -

Please pardon me for reposting here something that I first put at the NY Times - it was an NYT Pick comment, a first for me. The story was about the effect of the Philippines typhoon on a UN climate change conference:

Anthropogenic climate change is an unintended consequence of actions taken out of self-interest. It will take an intentionally expanded view of "self-interest" to produce the change of psychosocial "climate" we need to respond effectively. Fortunately, humankind's already existing ethical and religious systems, when understood correctly, can provide the moral guidance we need - if we are willing to listen to them. As Erich Fromm wrote, "It is the purpose of all the true religions to help man overcome his narcissism."