Sunday, April 20, 2014

SAR #14111


Other things do not have to be equal, in fact they seldom are.

Say It Isn't So: Russia has warned the US not to implement further economic sancitons against Putin's friends, as the presumed deal with the US on Ukraine stalls. Maybe sending US ground troops to Poland as part of an expansion of NATO presence in Central Europe is not a Good Idea.
Something Else To Worry About: Three former NSA astronauts are due to report that the earth has been hit by at least 26 megaton-equivalent asteroid impacts since 2001, based on explosive shocks recorded by the nation's nuclear weapons monitoring system. These smackeroos have all been in remote areas, but the report says that the only explanation for why one hasn't exploded in a major city somewhere in the world is blind luck, and I've gotta ask you, punk, are you feeling lucky?

Consider This Your Warning: "Attention, weather superfans: El Niño might be coming back. And this time, we could be in for a big one."

Point Of View: The headline claimed “Civilian Militia Remains at Bundy Ranch After Standoff Ends” I say that “Armed hoodlums...” But then I think that stealing from the government is stealing from the taxpayers and I, as a very recent payer of my taxes, don't see why anyone should get away with theft.

Don't Look Now, But: If we changed the tax code to make it so that a teacher and a Wall Street player ended up with equivalent after-tax incomes, more talented people would seek socially responsible careers, being smart enough to figure out where their economic interest is. Low taxes on incomes from socially questionable behaviors encourage such behavior. High taxes on the wasteful employment of brains could have positive results. - unless you think that the rich getting richer is a socially useful use of education and intelligence.

Gimmie Rewrite: Your mission is to rewrite the following in acceptable English: According to President Obama, "Countries like Germany, China and India - they're working every day to out-educate our kids so they can out-compete our businesses. And each year, frankly, it shows that they're making more progress than we are."

Facts & Such: During Jimmy Carter's presidency there were more jobs created than under either of the Bush boys, Clinton, who raised taxes on the rich, created more jobs than the sainted Ronnie did. And despite what Rand Paul keeps saying, the evidence clearly shows that federal employment under Obama has fallen like a rock. Roll the tape.

Poor Manners: Obama has signed a stupid law that gives him the right to bar any UN envoy from getting to the UN (by rejecting their request for travel visas to transit US territory). Putatively aimed at an Iranian envoy who back in the dark ages took part in the raid on the US embassy in Tehran, it seems contrary to the idea of hosting the UN – by becoming a self appointed dictator of who the nations of the world can choose to represent them. Wait, strike 'becoming'.

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Blissex said...

«unless you think that the rich getting richer is a socially useful use of education and intelligence.»

That's what is believed by most usians, who are self-loathing losers in their own minds, or are self-worshiping future winners.

The winner-takes-all mindset ("F*CK YOU! I got mine!") is the American Dream, and after some decades of relative hiatus, careful, intelligent propaganda has made it extremely popular again. You wrote some time ago:

«a society in which everyone has a small but equal chance of living the lifestyle of the rich and famous»

and that's what most Usian voters want, in particular those who are middle-class, young Usians, in particular working in finance and silicon valley.

BTW The above applies mostly to male voters; female voters still vote for and get a much stronger safety net, paid for by male voters. Same arguably for bankers