Thursday, April 17, 2014

SAR #14109

What if we come to the end of the bridge before we get to the other side?

Kinder, Gentler: GM has petitioned federal judges to rule that the new, post-bankruptcy reorganized General Motors is not the same entity as the Bad, Callous, Indifferent Old General Motors that cavalierly decided it was cost effective to kill its customers. Legally they may have an argument. Morally they do not. And they said girls couldn't play this game.

GavriloPrincip: While the compliant Western press is going on and on about “Steps To De-escalate Ukraine Crisis,” and mentions in the small print that NATO has sent five more warships into the Baltic (check your map & measure the distance from the Baltic to the Black Sea), the United States is aiming its financial neutron missile at Mr. Putin and his oligarchical friends. If the geniuses in the War Room think that Russia will roll-over and play dead, they've forgotten that Gavrilo was the guy who shot the Archduke.

Comes The Dawn: “Housing affordability is really taking a bite out of the market... We haven’t seen this issue since 2007.” Gee, y'think maybe prices have way out-run most folks' ability to go into debt? Again?

Because They're Bigger: If you want to use any number of software programs, you have to agree to who-knows-what because no one ever reads the license stuff or could understand it if they did. But we all break the seal, click “I have read the BS and accept I'm powerless” and go on with the job. The new twist on sticking it to the customer is this: Offer them a coupon. If they accept, they are also accepting the fine print that says they cannot ever sue you. Ditto with luring them onto your website – the fine print says that by reading their propaganda pages the customer gives up title to his first-born. And don't ever 'like' one of these predatory outfits – it gives them the right to abuse you with complete immunity. Why? Because they've got more lawyers than you do. And more rights, just ask John Roberts.

Reminder: The same bunch that varnished reality for you before (and mostly during) George's Big Adventure in Iraq and tried to sell you that smelly story about poison gas in Syria are the same rigidly independent pro-war shills who are now that rushing us off to war with Russia over Ukraine (which none of us should care about). Take a deep breath folks, lax. It's Putin's sandbox, let him have it.

Tube Socks: The government's regularly retold CPI fairytale claims to be the best estimate of price inflation available. Maybe it is, but no one should confuse it with reality as experienced by real folks in the real world. It is a one-size-fits-all thing that doesn't fit your experience in the real world unless you are the one individual whose expenditures perfectly match those in the formula. Bet they don't.

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Degringolade said...

I have been reading you blog for years and I truly appreciate your hard work.

But I still don't get your aversion to tube socks.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Tube socks pretend to be one size fits all, and they do. But only by deforming themselves and your toes. I also dislike the departure from the off-the-shelf racks of 1/2inch gradations in shirt collars and 1 inch gradations in sleeve length.

To me one-size-fits all is the essence of the manufacturer and the politician and the TV mavens and even the religious would-be leaders cramming me into straight jackets they've designed.