Sunday, April 27, 2014

SAR 14116

Of late, starting wars has not worked out quite so well for us; do you think stumbling into one will turn out any better?

From The Front: Whatever Hollande's approach is, or is supposed to be, to building the French economy, it isn't working out. Unemployment in the second largest economy in Europe (and fifth largest in the world) is going rapidly downhill -which is why the far right Le Front National is gaining strength. For the 32nd time in 34 months, French unemployment has risen – once more to a new record high. Vive la France. In neighboring Spain the government thinks citizens' protests can be simply outlawed. Barricades, anyone?

Ante Up: If the public protests are not loud and strong, the FCC will be giving the Internet to the rich, effectively killing the great leveling potential the web had for the common man. More, later, assuming I'm not priced out of the 'net.

Serving And Protecting: Four Philadelphia narcs lied to get search warrants, stole stuff while conducting radis and sexually assaulted at least three women. Both local and Federal prosecutors have declined to prosecute these brave men in blue.

Morality Play: Chase Bank (with Bank of America in a supporting role) has suddenly and without explanation closed the bank accounts of hundreds of performers in the porn industry. Wall Street's prostitutes, on the other hand, are welcome, as are drug traffickers doing their laundry. Amusingly, the feds are seeking more than $13 billion from BofA for fraudulent RMBS.

Truth In Advertising: Verison has acknowledged that it tracks both your use of and your location on all your web devices, and will 'share' (for which read 'sell') that information with advertisers. And cops.

Rotten To The Cores: We now learn what the authorities have known since May 2011: all three of the active nuclear reactors at Fukushima melted down. One appears to have been completely blown into the environment and another melted through the reactor vessel, through the containment vessel and has disappeared into the ground. In essence, Japanese experts “have no idea where the cores of the nuclear reactors are.”

It's A Gas! Iin its drilling productivity report the EIA has been consistently exaggerating the volume of shale gas production by at least 38%. That's okay, any day now the rules of physics will be overturned in favor of prospectus' promises.

Without Comment, Which Is Comment Enough: Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser warns Australia risks war with China unless Australian ties lto the US military are greatly reduced. Suction. 
Porn O'Graph: Ah, the difference.

Noted: We are winding down or vacation and expect to resume normal bradcasting by mid-week.

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rexl said...

I am glad you're back.

Unknown said...

Truth In Advertising: This isn't new at all. There are semi-secret ways around this even using Verizon's servers, but most people don't care.

What bothers me is that Verizon is stealing from some webmasters. If you bring up my website and I have a couple ads on there. Verizon may decide to replace my advertisers' ads with their own advertisers' ads so they benefit instead of me.

That is theft.