Monday, April 14, 2014

SAR #14104

You need to change your passwords, all of them. Now.

Signs Of Spring: Anti-austerity protests in Paris and Rome, showing their growing impatience with the “suffer now so you can suffer tomorrow” policies that are robbing the workers to enrich the bankers across the EU. Meanwhile the elected (and appointed) hooligans running things in Europe keep pushing tax and spending cuts, privatization and what is humorously called 'liberalizing' labor contracts. European workers still believe in unions and still believe they have a voice – which they are willing to raise.

As Edited: What Do average Americans think about inequality?

Lightly: The rich kid who didn't know he wasn't supposed to run over other people's children is getting “rehab” for his “affluenza” at a cost to the state of $715 a day. His poor parents have to come up with $35 of that, out of their reported $10 million a year incomes.

You Want Fried With That? We've suspected CO2 was not good for us for a long time, and have talked about cutting back for over 20 years. But. But in the 30 years before 2000, global atmospheric CO2 increased at 1.3% a year, and after we started saying we cared, the rate of increase increased to 2.2%. And since 2010 atmospheric CO2 has been increasing at a 3% a year rate. At that rate, atmospheric CO2 would double (to over 800ppm) by 2050. And won't that be fun.

When You're Right, You're Right: “The rest of the world, almost unanimously, looks as America as the number one warmonger, that we revert to armed conflict almost at the drop of a hat.” Jimmy Carter

Without Comment: The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act makes it against the law for you to check whether a site you use – say your bank or credit card issuer and such – is still vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. Protecting yourself could land you in jail. Just pick up your cell phone and ask the NSA, they'll know.

Do The Math: The UN's World Meteorological Organization (WMO) says 13 of the 14 warmest years on record occurred in the 21st century.

A Penny Saved: Maine Gov. Paul LePage (Republican) has vetoed a bill that would have funded a statewide solar energy program which also would provide monetary incentives for cutting energy use through heat pumps, because it would place a five-cent a month tax on everyone, even the rich. No new taxes, even to save ourselves.

Paying Attention, Emphasis on the 'Paying' Part: More than 6 million American kids have been labeled with ADHD and put on a regime of pills and pills, many sold by Eli Lilly. Now Lilly's minions have come up with a new pretend disorder - sluggish cognitive tempo - that could vastly expand the ranks of young people taking various tranquilizers and chemicals peddled by Eli Lilly. Because they are lethargic, given to daydreaming, let their minds wander, don't answer all the questions on a test and generally seem slow when studying stuff they don't care about. When asked about the research, key researchers seemed unconnected, listless, and lethargic and declined to comment on their work.

Walking Dead: Researchers say that warmer weather caused by climate change has allowed ticks to thrive, and these hordes of ticks have devastated the moose population by literally sucking them dry. The problem will only get worse as climate change accelerates. And it won't always be moose that are dying.

Maturity: While babies sometimes cry out of spite, John Boehner continues to cry for no reason at all.

Porn O'Graph: Mirror, mirror...

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