Monday, March 2, 2015

SAR #15061

Counterintuitive, But True: February 2015 has been the coldest month on record of a number of places in the United States. This cold spell is the result of global warming. We've now had, globally, 30 years of above average temperatures, a period long enough to conclude that it is not the weather that has changed, but the climate.

Point Taken: The more information surfaces showing Fox's Bill O'Reilly to be a serial fabricator, the more the Fox audience likes him. Because if you are one of theirs, facts are immaterial. 
Size Matters: Sportsmen The NRA is not happy about Obama’s plan to outlaw green tip .223 armor-piercing R-15 ammunition which was specifically designed to shoot through a bulletproof vest, because you never know when one of those pesky Fish and Wildlife guys will show up to confiscate your Second Amendment rights.

Damned Christians: Pope Francis has launched a fresh attack on the economic injustice stemming from capitalism's 'throw-away culture' and is calling for new ways of thinking about poverty, welfare, employment and society that go beyond self-centered overconsumption. Wonder what he's been reading...

You Are Cordially Invited: As part of his effort to remain Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu be delivering a campaign speech to Republican Congressmen this week. Nearly 90% of his campaign funding has come from the US. 
Higher Education: The University of Michigan's Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity is "unwilling to accept liability and pay restitution" for the $430,000 in damage its members did to the Treetops Ski Resort because... well, their privileged college students and simply don't know better. Maybe some of them are from Hartland, Wisconsin, where the public high school just spent $662,000 renovating a locker room
Protect & Serve: More victims of the Chicago approach to solving crimes have come forward to recount their experiences in the city's secret prison. In Cleveland, the city is claiming that 12-year old Tamir Rice caused his own death by his behavior in the two seconds between the time the cops arrived and their shooting him.

Just So Story:When bond yields are very low and declining it’s an indication that the same is happening to inflation and that economic activity is weak. The bond yields are not here for any fluke of reason. They are here because business conditions in the US and abroad are quite poor."

The Next War: Washington is reportedly discussing a joint ground force with Egypt and Turkey to attack ISIS, while the US and Turkey have begun training 5,000 Syrian rebels (certified jihadist-free) in Kirsehir, Turkey. Various conditions, like reality, have intervened to delay for several months the planned attempt to retake Mosul from ISIS, while the Pentagon speeds up withdrawal from Afghanistan by sending 2,300 more US troops there this spring and summer. Don't ask. 
Point of Honor: If our employment participation rate is still minimal yet wages are growing does that suggest that the participation rate has become permanently lower and the labor market thus much smaller, and – further and more disturbing – that greater numbers of our population simply are not part of the economy? 
Clear and Present Danger: The Medal of Honor is awarded for personal acts of exceptional valor above and beyond the call of duty. Giving this recognition to a sniper who killed his victims from hundreds of yards away would be no different than giving it drone pilots at Creech AFB in Nevada.

Echo: Research has repeatedly shown that vitamin supplements are a waste of you money, that they are not helping you, and that's not really why we beat the Nazis.

Porn O'Graph: We are here.


Tom Stone said...

M855 "Greeen tip" .223 ammo was not designed to penetrate body armor. It is a standard rifle loading. Pretty much ANY rifle ammunition will penetrate a bullet resistant vest designed to stop pistol rounds.
And while BATFE is allowed to ban certain kinds of ammunition that meet specific legal criteria M855 "Green Tip' ammo does not fall within those criteria.
BATFE is and has been one of the most corrupt and worst run government agencies for decades, why you support them uncritically in this action is beyond my understanding.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Thanks for the info/correction. But to assume that I blindly support BATFE because I support banning armor & vest piercing ammo and banning all automatic and semi-automatic firearms doesn't equate to uncritical support of BATFE.

By and large congress has made sure that ATF cannot do its job in terms of alcohol, tobacco or firearms- hell, the politicians have never been able to come up with a mission for ATF other than enforcing tax collection and keeping kids sober, and pretty much the citizens don't want either of those efforts to succeed.

As for actually protecting us, well that's never been in the cards.

Unknown said...

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. See the link below for more info.