Friday, March 6, 2015

SAR #15065

Timing Is Everything: Amid the Republican rush to judgment on Hillary Clinton's emails, remember that State Department officials disclosed the existence of these emails to the Benghazi Committee back in August, 2014. So why now? 
Cow/Cabbage: According to a former Executive Director of the IMF, the agency “gave money to save German and French banks, not Greece.” There's a reason he's no longer with the organization.

No Means No: House Republicans were unable to override the president's veto of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Carry Permit: If you are going to own a smart phone, be smart and don't take it with you on trips because New Zealand wants you to hand over your passwords or go to jail for 3 months. Canada will arrest you and fine you $20,000 if you don't surrender your passwords. Decisions, decisions.

Faking It: The new, Republican-installed head of the Congressional Budget office is opposed to raising the minimum wage, opposed to government regulating anything, is adamantly opposed to social welfare programs and is sure that the majority of the unemployed prime working age citizens are on Social Security disability. 
Q&A: How negative can rates go? Well, there's always confiscation.

More of the Same: The entire point of central banks paying zero or negative interest is to force those with too much money to invest in asset bubbles. Works, too. 
Common Decency Isn't: In parts of Canada the life of a First Nation child is $1,690.45. And absent the money, the nearby fire department will let the kid burn. 
Citizenship Test: What recent – say during your lifetime - US military involvement hasn’t resulted in a complete fiasco if not an outright defeat? Some explain that financial collapse often leads to war, or was it the other way around?

Auction House: The Republican-controlled House Committee on Administration passed a bill that would withhold public financing from presidential elections. So that the corporate money would have a free hand in buying the White House.

Clip & Save: Senator Warren would like us to remember that Wall Street received $6 trillion from the Fed in a backdoor bailout, on top of the hundreds of billions that Congress handed them. Which is why the banks are still in charge – they make money the old fashioned way – they steal it from taxpayers.

Semantics: A GOP bill in the Alabama legislature would permit judges to refuse to marry gay Jews. Or gays to Jews. Or maybe it was gays and Jews. Something like that.

Snap Quiz: After the DOJ released a report describing Ferguson as essentially a police state, the Ferguson police arrested those protesting the Ferguson police.

The Twins: Just as China has empty cities as investments, London has many houses bought as places to store dirty money from around the world. It is probably better than paying a bank to hold your money...

Porn O'Graph: Kick the cripple.

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