Thursday, March 12, 2015

SAR #15071

Our senses were designed to just get by. It shows.

I've Got Mine: 26-year-old Jake Locker, who made $12.5 million playing quarterback for the Titans for four years is quitting became 1) he doesn't have the desire to get his brain banged around any more and 2) he's got enough to money and smarts to quit. A role model.

Essentials: US foreign policy is mainly comprised of “stepping on the same rake over and over.” For example, arming and training 'moderate' rebels. Or applying sanctions to uncooperative nations in an attempt to get them to join in enforcing sanctions on yet another country.

Old Fashioned: Little Brother says that “The idea of regulating access to the internet with a 1934 law is one of the craziest ideas I’ve ever heard.” Same goes for “Thou shall not kill.”

Kick 'em Again: Tennessee Republicans, not satisfied with rejecting billions in federal funds to provide Medicaid to 280,000 low-income Tennesseans, now have a bill pending that would prevent the state from setting up a state-run health insurance exchange to facilitate coverage under the Affordable Care Act – a move that would strip the health insurance from another 189,000 Tennesseans. Imagine, in just two months these sterling folks have conspired to deprive 10% of the state's population from access to health care. 
Crimestopper: Senator Tom Cotton (Correspondent-AR) has cautioned an uninsured woman not to use Obamacare because “Russian mobsters” would steal her identity. 
Protecting & Serving: Republicans, at the behest of their owners, have introduced a bill to repeal the FCC decision to treat the Internet as a public utility, because people want the freedom to pay more for less.

Economic Man: Most macroeconomic theory is based on studying just one guy. He is immortal and rigidly rational, never suffers from greed or fear, and his children are all above average.

An Apple All Day: In case you didn't read the fine print in paragraph 47b(1) of the Apple terms of service, we'd like to remind you that Siri will record everything you say, the names of your contacts, your relationships with them, the electronic devices you have in your home, and your location, and provide this data to Apple, its subsidiaries and their agents. Watch it.

Facilitation: Iran has offered to act as an impartial mediator between Congress and the White House. 
Surrogate Stooges: The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has voted to urge the administration to send weapons to Kiev so that the war with Russia can get started sooner. It's a job creation initiative.

Asked & Obvious:Are campaign donations the secret force driving GOP opposition to net neutrality?” Do bears shit in the woods?

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