Thursday, March 5, 2015

SAR #15064

Beware the banker who takes up the cause of the poor.

Trifecta: The Alabama Supreme Court, which hasn't got the intellect of a gaggle of geese, has ordered the state's probate judges to stop freeing slaves, marrying interracial couples of issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, even though the Federal courts have ruled Alabama's ban on gay marriage to be illegal.

Facts Not In Evidence: The Feds have cleared Darren Wilson of violating Michael Brown's civil rights because black men in Ferguson do not have any.

En Garde: Over the next couple of decades the Baby Bloomers will be kicking off and leaving $30 trillion to the kids and the kids' kids. And Wall Street is already gearing up to skim off as much of that moola as they can. Management fees. Investment advice. Fleece 'em where you find 'em.

Balance of Power: Just because Americans have the right to assemble and petition the government – say over the Keystone XL pipeline – doesn't mean the Secret Police the FBI won't monitor the protests and then go visit them at home. Just to let them know that their country really, really, cares. 
Obviously: If the economy’s so good, why aren’t workers getting raises? Larry Summers says “The core problem is that there aren’t enough jobs”, and that education is not the solution.

Only the Tip: PNC Bank has joined JPMorgan, Wells Fargo and other banks in reducing its financing for coal companies that that rely on environmentally damaging mountaintop removal for more than a quarter of their production, because if you make too much money destroying the earth, it doesn't look good.

Over/Under: The average penis is 5.1 inches long, 4 inches around. Explains things like fast cars, camo clothing, politicians, wife beating, and wars. You didn't actually go check, did you?

Science Silenced: The Oklahoma Geological Survey knew, and could prove, several years ago, that fracking was directly responsible for the increase in earthquakes in the state. The oil industry, on the other hand, could prove that they controlled more state officials than the scientists did, so the report was hidden.

Black Is White: House Republicans want to forbid EPA from looking at science that doesn't support GOP goals. They would prevent academic scientists from discussing their own work, while putting more industry-supported scientists on panels that review EPA assessments.

If Only: “Why the fuck are we wasting our time on a minor drafting error case that is advanced by sociopaths, liars and con-men. The law is simple, coherent and not batshit insane when read in its entirety, so of course the subsidies are legal in states.” This is not from the Supreme's decision on the ACA case, but should be. 
Be Careful Out There: Texas Republicans are backing a bill that would prohibit laws protecting LGBT citizens from being enforced. Arkansas passed a similar law last month which prevents cities from protecting the civil rights of gays. (Tennessee has a similar law.) Missouri Republicans want to peanalize any state employee who recognizes same-sex marriages. A Washington state GOP senator claims that “colored people are more likely to commit crimes.” Best of all, a Republican ballot initiative that would allow putting “bullets to the head” of gays and lesbians. 
Porn O'Graph: Voter Fraud.

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