Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SAR #15076

What if we're on the right path but headed the wrong way?
Mirror, Mirror: The other side of the dollar's appreciation against the euro is the euro's dramatic fall against the dollar – which implies that Europe's economic decline will be long and severe. And that should put a big damper on our celebrating the dollar's strength – generally a bad thing for us unless we had a trip to Paris planned.

Over There: The US has accused PDVSA, Venezuela's state oil company, of money laundering, cutting into Wall Street's franchise. 
Down Is The New Down: US manufacturing output fell 0.2% in February, the third month in a row of declining US factory output. Car production fell 3.0%. The Empire State Manufacturing Index also fell, with orders into the red at 16 month lows. 
God Moves In Mysterious Ways: ISIS's leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi claims that he met with the Prophet Muhammad and was told to leave Mosul.

A History of the True Believers: Being a concise history of the attempt to cloak the entire globe under the military blanket of the American Empire under the Plan for a New American Century, its machinations, conflicts, and eventual failure.

Wildly Blue, Yonder: It turns out that the $400 billion F-35, the plane which can't fire its guns, won't have the software needed to drop its bombs until 2022, by which time they may have figured out how to get the oversized bombs into the undersized bomb bays.

Water, Wet: The preferences of the average American... have only a miniscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.” G'way kid, y'botherin me.

Decorations: Hertz is putting cameras in their cars but has “no plans to use them”. Now about that bridge...

Future Tense: "The collapse of this sector of West Antarctica [around the Amundsen Sea] appears to be unstoppable... The disappearance of glaciers in the Amundsen Sea sector, a small fraction of the ice sheet, could trigger the collapse of the entire West Antarctic ice sheet, which could raise global sea levels by up to five meters — or about 15 feet. Such an event could severely submerge the world's heavily populated coastal areas, and force us to redraw the world map as we know it.”

Animal Farms: The US and Canada plan to “integrate” their border agencies. Guess who is gets to be more equal.

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kwark said...

Re Wildly Blue, Yonder: Not to defend this particular obscenity euphemistically called an armament program, but honestly, the F-35 is just a particularly egregious example of the same sort of "defense" spending that's been bleeding us dry for decades. The mainstream media specifically downplays or avoids reporting on this sort of thing and even when they do the stories don't generate much outrage. Quite clearly we've become almost completely desensitized to this sort of highway robbery. Clearly, if you wrap it in the flag and you can get away with almost anything . . .