Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SAR #15084

Bingo: As part of Ted Cruz's personal sacrifice in his drive to serve the public, when his wife took leave of absence from Goldman Sachs to traipse around with him, the family lost her company-sponsored health care insurance. So, naturally, they've signed up for Obamacare.

Turning Up: In a clever twist on the “paid political announcement”, Liberty University assured Ted Cruz a full house by charging each of its 10,000 students ten bucks if they didn't show up and sit through the show. Paying attention was optional.

It's Good To Be The Cream: Between 2007 and 2013 the US median household lost 43% of its wealth. The 1%, not so much.

Spin Is Spin; IBM's CEO is boasting that the company is not only going to market its products and services in China, it is going to work with the Chinese in building its IT sector. Which will, of course, put IBM out of business there, but that's the idea. The Chinese idea.

Vive la différence. In most of the world the sick are called patients, in the US they're customers.

Self Exam: Why should atheists have to show respect for religion? Damned if I know.

It's Simple: The problem with the homeless is that they are... well, homeless. And the cheapest, most effective solution to homelessness is to give the homeless homes. It is even cheaper than doing nothing at all for them.

Manners: In an attempt to win friends and influence Congress, Israel spied on the US/Iranian talks and related selected bits to their puppets on the Hill in an attempt to torpedo the talks. Obama is not amused. McCain, with or without Israeli or AIPAC help, has threatened to have Congress withhold funding from the UN if the US continues to ignore Bibi's wishes.

On The Road: Martin O'Malley, former MD governor, is running around the country waging Elizabeth Warren's campaign for president.

Picture This: After San Diego cops began wearing (required) body cameras, civilian complaints have dropped 40%, the use of “personal body force” by officers is down 46%, and the use of pepper spray has declined 30%.

Go Away: Ted Cruz's goals: Lower taxes and abolish the IRS (which is redundant). Abolish Obamacare. Completely seal US borders then round up and ship all the undocumented... somewhere. No gay marriage. No abortions. Ignore global warming. Fight religious wars, both in the Middle East and Middle America. And shut down the government from time to time. Go, Ted. Go away.

Porn O'Graph: X marks the spot.

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kwark said...

Wow. Thanks CKM for having the intestinal fortitude to sort out the "gems" from among this sort of drek.