Tuesday, March 31, 2015

SAR #15090

Arrogance: Should a company have the right to sue a state or city or nation if that city, state or nation passes a law or regulation to protect the health of its citizens and that regulation prevents the company from profiting from a clearly harmful product? If you answered 'yes', you probably negotiated the TPP. 
Previews: Revenues of S&P 500 corporations are expected to fall 2.8% in 2014Q1 – the largest y/y drop in over 5 years. Blame it on the recovery. 
Mission Impossible: George Soros is reportedly ready to buy pour $1 billion into Ukraine. Humanitarian. 
Heat's On: The temperature on the Antarctic Peninsula reached 63.5°F. Counterintuitively, this is one of the fastest warming areas on Earth. 
Timed Travel: Virginia has increased retention time for license plate data gathered by trafic cams and license plate readers from seven days to 60 – because it might come in handy.

Bricks Without Straw: Iron ore has dropped to a six-year low. Strange, the jobless recovery isn't short on irony.

Fine, Just Fines: Nashville's DA has told his prosecutors that they can no longer make mandatory sterilization a condition of a plea deal. “No longer.”

Pledge Drive: Mrs. Clinton (Housewife, NY) wants the US to suck up to Israel. John McCain (Old Guy, AZ) wants Israel to bomb Iran back into the sand age. 
Two Rights: When the Iranian Guard in Iraq claimed that a US drone killed two of its advisers, the US said it had only struck militants.

Noted: Don't worry, you're not going crazy; that recovery they keep talking about - that has nothing to do with you.

One Brick Shy: The mayor of Ferguson, MO says it is not fair to him, his administration or the city for the Justice Department to focus on race and not mention the good things about the city. Pressed for an example he...

A Pound At A Time? Germany insists that Greece must flesh out the required reforms.

Pot/Kettle: Israel's Ambassador to the UN is urging the world body support the creation of an independent Palestinian Kurdish state. 
Porn O'Graph: Signs of the times.

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Anonymous said...

When there is blood in the street, there you will find George Soros buying property.