Saturday, July 11, 2015

SAR #15192

There will be a next time, there is always a next time. We don't learn.

Allez Allez All In Free: Turns out Greece was bluffing and has gone crawling to Brussels, groveling for a chance for punishment even worse than was rejected by the citizenry. Democracy? Ha, we're talking about the Eurozone here. No democracy involved at any level. There remain but two options: Either the EZ/EU falls apart in a relatively orderly fashion, or it comes apart at the seams, violently. “Anything that’s done from here on in will only serve to make things worse.”
A Little Off The Top: BP can write $4 billion of its $18 billion fine off against taxes. That'll teach 'em.

Bright Side: Surveys suggest that 60 million in the US speak something other than English at home and over 20 million immigrants struggle to get by in English. Maybe we're going to be forced into a bilingual/multilingual society. Oh, wait; we are.

Asked & Laughed: Does Jeb Bush understand economics? No, none of them do. Why do you ask?

Making His Marx: Pope Francis calls on us to recognize that unfettered capitalism is “the dung of the devil”, that our throwaway culture is suicidal He says the world's leaders are “cowards,” putting “human beings and nature” at the service of money and profits. He must be doing something right; Rush Limbaugh is really really upset. If it wasn't for the god stuff, I'd really like this guy.

What Could Go Wrong? Republicans in the House have passed a bill letting pharmaceutical companies rush new drugs to the market without even pretending to do safety and effectiveness studies. 
Education: The average college grad will take 29 years to save up enough money to make a 20% down payment on a home in SanFrancisco. It'll take 'em longer than that to pay off the student loans.

Women's Wrongs: According to Republican Wannabe Marco Rubio, the most important civil rights struggle in the world today is the effort to eliminate women's access to abortion anywhere and everywhere in the world, and that he and all right-thinking people will not stop until women's rights over their own bodiesat home and around the world” is ended. 
Factoid: The UN campaign to cut world poverty is working. After a decade of global poverty rate declines, only 71% of the world's population lives on less than $10 a day. Progress.
Global Gobble: Ford is going to stop making the Ford Focus in the US. Maybe we should stop buying the Ford Focus in the US. Can't blame Ford, no one in the US wants a small, fuel-efficient car now that we can commit global suicide for less than $2.50 a gallon.


mike said...

Interesting that you're pulling links from the virulently biased against Syriza sites when you had these options at hand.

Think I might start doing some more double-checking of your other links just to be sure in the future.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fitch:

You actually gave me a great laugh this morning.

Opened up the Rush Limbaugh "Really, Really Upset" link and as soon as the link opened, with Rush's picture there, my thought was immediately "Yes, that is what devil shit looks like".

Cheered me up for the whole morning.

All the best, thanks for keeping this up.

John (Degringolade)

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

John - We live to serve. .

Mike, I've read dozens of articles from different sources - and if you want the sympathy for Syriza line, check out Naked Capitalism or Automatic Earth. But I say that they were and are liars and have misled the Greek public. I also think the sooner they, and everyone else, leaves the euro, the better. I have no sympathy for beggar-your-neighbour Germany, either.