Friday, July 17, 2015

SAR #15198

The past is not dead, neither is it gone.

What, Me Worry? A measure of mankind's dedication to saving themselves, if not the planet, from global warming is this: all of the major greenhouse gases reached record high concentrations in the atmosphere during 2014. We also reached the highest average surface temperature on record. 
Previews: “At some point in the not so distant future, Yellen is going to have to walk back her rate hike talk.” Two things: real wages are not rising, so there is little inflationary pressure, and the people who have been getting all the free money want to keep getting it.

Staged Directions: Germany's Finance Minister and Enforcer In-Chief, Wolfgang Schäuble, is less than quietly suggesting that Greece should give up any hope of getting a thrid bailout and leave the Euro now, before things get even uglier. He notes that Athens will never be able to handle its debt obligations without some or much of it being written off, and Berlin views this as illegal. 
Petition: The Republican National Committee is petitioning to change its nickname from GOP – the Grand Old Party – to FOP – Fox Owned Politicians. 
Support Systems: About 240,000 people have donated funds to Bernie Sanders' campaign. Nearly 250,00 to Hillary. Just over 12,300 folks have given cash to Jebbie – 80% of them giving the maximum amount allowed by law, plus Goldman Sachs. And The Donald, well, counting The Donald himself, at least one.

Golly Gee:German muscle threatens European solidarity.” Somebody finally noticed.

License Bureau: Getting a marriage license in Kentucky is even worse than going to the DMV – at least the government employees at the DMV do, eventually, have to issue you a driver's license. But then, driving while gay doesn't seem to be against anyone's religious beliefs. Yet.

Asked & Obvious: “Does more capital increase inequality?” How can it not?

Druggies and Rapists, Roofers and Maids: At their current rate, about 1.25 million immigrants will enter the US this year, most of them illegally. That's a 0.39% increase in our population. At that rate they'll make up 10% of our population in less than 30 years! Panic now, avoid the rush.

Go Team: The 10-year voyage of the New Horizons spacecraft to Pluto, including the letters home, cost less than the Vikings new football stadium.

Porn O'Graph: Excuses, excuses.

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