Saturday, July 18, 2015

SAR #15199

If you lose the war, the truth has no market value. You are too poor to pay for it."  John Helmer

It Can't happen Here: Under ISDS “sue 'em and reap” procedure, Canada is being sued for billions for depriving investors of profits. But don't worry, Obama says it won't happen here. But it can and will. And not just under the TPP and TiSA and such – same can and does happen under NAFTA and even under the WTO agreements. 
Tailor Made: Apple has patented technology that will let it check your bank account before showing you ads for certain products, to make sure you can afford them.

Just Say No: In light of the spreading bird flu epidemic, the CDC strongly recommends against kissing chickens.

Back In The Saddle Again: As a resurgent Germany expands its economic grip on the Eurozone, Japan moves to change their constitution to permit its military to enter into combat outside the country for the first time since the end of WWII. WWII did end, right?

Negatiation: Israel is taking the opportunity created by the chance of peace in the Middle East to blackmail the US congress into awarding it a 50% increase in military aid, now and forever, Amen. It's their price for letting the US/Iran nuclear treaty progress.

Them That Has, Keeps: A group of rich countries, led by the US, have blocked an attempt by the UN to fight tax evasion. You get what you pay for.
A Famous Victory: As the US slowly retreats, leaving Afghanistan to its puppets, Kabul proclaims that negotiating with the Taliban is the only way to “end the bloodshed.” You remember the Taliban, the guys we spent a decade defeating?

It's Hard Work, But Somebodies Got To Do It: British MPs, busy making deep cuts to public welfare and public services in general are getting a pay raise.

What Price Justice? In Scot Walker's Wisconsin, about $8,385,000 per WI Supreme Court decision. 
Blue Ribbons: Best apple pie, biggest pumpkin, sweetest corn... This year the DC State Fair will have a marijuana growing competition. Who's doing the judging?

Pots/Kettle: John McCain says Donald Trump's entry into the GOP mob scene has “fired up the crazies. Rick Perry agrees, pointing to Trump's “toxic mix of demagoguery and nonsense.”

Porn O'Graph: Oil use and ...

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Anonymous said...

ISDS: Obie's right, arbitration is not being "sued" in an open court, it's being "robbed" by the mob in a darkened cloak room.

Apple cores your bank balance... the better to separate you from it.

Kabul(?) Who's Kabul? Who ever waves the most money is Kabul. Right now it's a bidding war between Tali-whomever and ISIL's proxy.

McCain is a self-admitted war criminal, Donald is just a war-profiteer and crook. It would not surprise me to see Robert J Samuelson write something flowery and praiseworthy of Donald, in my scraps and clippings I have Samuelson in Newsweek writing a paean to J.P.Morgan's "character". To make it in this town, it's important that one character, in both Morgan & Trumps cases, of war profiteer, monopolist, market manipulator, racist, misogynist, be clearly established in order to gather the support and approbation of the street that matters, Wall Street. Mr. Samuelson has a great admiration for this kind of "moral code".