Monday, July 13, 2015

SAR #15194

Consequences have consequences.

Down And Out In Carthage: Greece capitulated, gave the Eurozone leaders far more than the Greeks had already said 'no' to, and the Berlin/Brussels axis was not satisfied. They claimed even more “drastic measures” were necessary to save their lenders. Lenders. To hell with the Greeks, as long as they give away Greek government assets worth $56 billion, give Germany veto power on all financial transactions and laws in Athens, cut pensions and raise taxes and on and on. “The costs being demanded of Greece are so punitive that they are almost impossible to meet,” which is the general idea. Germany's Schäuble topped his invitation for Greece to become the most Southern Province of the new German Empire by explaining that the EMU must be “streamlined” and the government of the Eurozone “strengthened.” For which read Deutschlandüber alles.

Fighting Words: Bernie Sanders says “money cannot be the God of life,” which shows you how out of touch he is.

Their End Is Near: The scientists who spend their days measuring the speed at which human civilization is committing suicide end up taking their work home, in the form of depression and a form of PTSD. They know that things are far worse than most of us think, but they can't really talk about it for fear of personal, social, and financial repercussions.

Asked & Obvious:How does the Eurosystem work? Not very well.

Rod, Sparing: What good does it do to punish a child who hasn't yet acquired the brain structure and functions required to control his behavior?

Let Me Repeat: In the decade from 2003 to 2013, the net worth of the average American household dropped by more than one-third. It has fallen nearly 50% from its 2007 peak in just six years.

Fair's Fair: Jebbie has accused Obama of creating chaos in the world by using too many “big syllable words”, something his brother never did.

Please Explain: Australia's Tony Abbott has ordered the Clean Energy Finance corporation not to finance new clean energy projects. He has also ended the government's investments in household and small-scale solar installations. On the other side of the globe, last Thursday Denmark produced 140% of its electrical demand through wind power.


Anonymous said...

Involved in both this as well as the first multi-disciplinary conference the week before on climate change at Chinese U. of Hong Kong.

Suicide isn't so much the word as mass murder on a scale that would make a extant Pol Pot, Adolf and even Uncle Sam blush with envy. It will start with the poorest of the poor, but quickly move up. The 1% think they can buy their way out of this, and they may be right, but make no mistake, it's going to be somewhere around that 1% mark, then after a generation or two they will be gone too. The damn thing is some of us believe it's really too late already.

Just seeing the data one of the attendants produced, generated by studies Dr. Shahkova (U. of Alaska, Fairbanks) did in Russia. Many of us were moaning with our heads between our knees, because we know it's just the tip of the exponential curve.

(anon because I don't want to be electrocuted in my sleep either)

Anonymous said...

Did you feel real comfy, sitting in your recliner, sipping your flask as you condemned the Greeks for forgoing a future with Europe AND the US determined to kill it completely if it tried to go off on its own and then to put its head on the pike outside the village gates for any other country that thought it could get away from the new mirror image Warsaw Pact?

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Anony 8.50 Thanks for the insight. I had a companion piece on baked-in and nearly ready for the over global sea rise (with a nice chart showing contributors and contriburtions) from New Scientist, but the paper disappeared overnight...

Anony 10.04 - I'm not sure the recliner image works, nor have I condemend Greeks "for forgoing a future..." I was pretty clear that I thought going it alone would be the better choice for them - as they'll all go their own ways soon enough anyway.

And the Warsaw Pact is the wrong image, too. Think Third Reich.


Anonymous said...

You might enjoy having this link in your library as a nice rebuttal to those who don't understand how science goes about its business.