Wednesday, July 22, 2015

SAR #15203

How is it Donald Trump knows it’s all about the voters and everybody inside the Beltway thinks it’s all about them? Maybe he’s on to something.” Barry Ritholtz

Deep And Deeper: Dr. James Hansen and friends – 17 of the world's most prominent climate scientists – have a new report being published this week that tells it the way they see it. And what they see is the Greenland and Antarctic icecaps melting 10 times faster than previously estimated, resulting in at least 10 feet of sea level rise in the next 50 years. And after that it will keep rising, for centuries. In their view, New York City, Miami, London—and every other coastal city on the planet—have only a few decades of habitability left. And that's without any big methane burps.

Recovery, Footnoted: One out of four children in Republican-controlled Tennessee now lives in poverty. Naturally it is Obama's fault, somehow.

Bricks Without Straw: The world's raw materials – as reflected in global commodity prices – are not in much demand... and the stock markets think this is a good thing. Well, except for the fracking sector where banks are getting nervous. But metals – from iron to silver and gold – nobody wants. Strange, we are happy not to be building stuff that requires any of that messy mining and refining and all... The message seems to be that the consumer isn't buying and thus commodities are not in demand and somehow this is a good thing
Inscrutable: Having got caught after cooking the books for eight years [more properly called accounting fraud on a massive scale by lying about the company's profitability], Toshiba's CEO is retiring. Full pension, etc. No jail, of course.


kwark said...

RE "Recovery, Footnoted": Presidents have always either taken the blame for a bad economy or taken credit for a good good economy. The fact that either position is pretty much total bullshit never seems to be discussed. In any red state "Fair and Balanced" journalism necessitates that Obama is to blame for everything. If the Mittster was president the same factoid would be blamed on the Democrats. Nothing changes . . . except there were a lot more media voices in the past.

TulsaTime said...

The ocean is not going to be delicate about swallowing up Miami, NYC, Washington, LA, and all the other coastal metro-plexes that are the core of American business activities. It has been obvious that there was a severe problem with under estimation of warming in general, and sea rise in particular. It makes you wonder what timeline the weather is actually on, as far as super-hurricanes, mega-droughts, and all the other really ugly features that have been predicted.

Maybe we should ask Sen Inhofe for guidance....