Wednesday, July 15, 2015

SAR #15196

None of this is anywhere close to over.
Schäuble'd: The Greek conditional bailout deal resolves nothing. Greece needs relief from its mountain of debt and it isn't going to get it. It cannot meet the harsh austerity measures demanded without debt relief – a haircut. Greece is being treated like an occupied territory. We are now in a new EU (or some new version of the Third Reich). Some say Greece should just quit while others – with various agendas – insist that Greece needs the Euro. Under current conditions, no one, not even Germany, needs the Euro. Now more than ever, the euro looks like a terrible idea.

Slipperyer Slope: U.S. considers training [more] Ukrainian army troops. Why not, we've got all those guys who trained Iraqi troops just hanging around. 
Nuclear Fussing: Most of the world agrees that the nuclear agreement with Iran is a Good Thing, although no one claims it is perfect. It seems to be a tolerable deal that advances interests of both sides. Except for Israel and the GOP, which promises to “do everything we can” to destroy the deal. . Republican presidential candidate Benjamin Netanyahu Jeb Bush claims the agreement is a “dangerous, deeply flawed and short sighted deal”, and the rest of the parade says Amen
Take A Deep Breath: The Fringe is jumping on a report that Solar activity is predicted to fall 60% in 2030s, to ‘mini ice age’ levels.Wrong. It is not “solar activity” that will diminish, it is the magnitude of the solar cycle. Yeah, technical stuff. And this is a statistical exercise, not backed by much, or any, actual science. If the change occurs, it will not be “a new ice age” - the temporary solar deficit would be made up by CO2 warming in just 3 years. Go eat your cereal. 
Secrets: The TPP texts are secret. You can't read them. Your Congresscritter can, but only in a sealed room, under guard, with no notes taken. On the other hand there are over 600 “corporate advisers” who have complete, unfettered access to the agreement.

Fun With Numbers: Statistically, living in the US is about as dangerous for black Americans as living in Rwanda. 
Secret Handshake: “What Sanders proposes is a reasonable equilibrium between public goods and private interests, one that existed for much of the 20th century. He doesn’t want to change America so much as make it work in ways it once did. The hysteria surrounding his candidacy is manufactured, a ploy to marginalize his voice, which is much more mainstream than his opponents would have you believe” 
Social Science: Fox is frothing at the mouth again, this time over clinics giving teens free birth control. Everybody knows its better for them to get pregnant, not be able to get an abortion, drop out of school, have the baby and go on welfare and draw food stamps.

Quoted: Scott Walker: “The left claims they’re for American workers, and they’ve got lame ideas, things like minimum wage”. Yeah, and they're against child labor, too.

Oklahomeless, Y'er OK: “The Food Stamp Program... is proud to be distributing this year the greatest amount of free Meals and Food Stamps ever, to 46 million people. Meanwhile, the National Park Service... asks us 'Please Do Not Feed the Animals.” ...because the animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves'” A #OKGOP tweet.

Porn O'Graph: The hordes...

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