Monday, September 12, 2016

SAR #16256

Happy Fear Mongering Day.
Unfortunate RealityTo celebrate the Labor Day weekend, the US conducted air strikes in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan. There was no admission of drone strikes, nor any immediate confession as to how many civilians, especially children, were annihilated in the ongoing struggle for freedom, democracy and the American way of dominance.
Evidence Locker: $122 Million in cash was found in an apartment belonging to the head of Russia's anti-corruption agency. Takes one to know one.
Enigma: North Korea is playing with its rattle again, raising once more the perennial question, “Why does the rest of the world let North Korea exist?” Just a single well placed drone could be quite educational.
Noted: One in seven US households has a negative net worth, which is actually an improvement.
Discipline: Russia and the US have agreed to a cease fire in Syria. Now if someone would tell Assad, the Kurds, al Qeada, ISIS and the several rebel commands...
Extra Credit: Penn State hosted a “Conversation with Chelsea” evening, a money-raiser for the Clinton clan – presumably for Mom, but who knows? Entry was just $500, photo ops with Mrs. Mezvinsky were $1,000 a click and access to a reception was a bargain at $2,700. Attendees would get extra credit in both Current History and Ethics classes.
Fifteen Hail Mary's: Study after study has concluded that the TSA's efforts at airport security are “a matter of faith.”
Hope: The U.S. Appeals Court for the District of Columbia has blocked the GOP enacted voter ID requirements in Alabama, Georgia and Kansas because the legislation blatantly discriminates against minorities and would do irreparable harm in addressing a nonexistent problem.
Fraudlent Fraud: A review of 12 years of voting in states with Voter ID laws found that of the 146 million registered voters there were ten, count'em 10, cases of voter impersonation which is the only type of fraud that ID laws could possibly prevent. Between 2012 and 2016 in AZ, GA, KS, OH and TX there were 25 voter fraud prosecutions none of which involved voter impersonation. Wonder what the Republicans are really trying to prevent?
Quoted: “Economics is not the study of the economy. Economics is just what economists do, related to reality in ways similar to haiku.” Deirdre McCloskey
Everything We Know Is Suspect: Researchers orbited a muon around a deuterium atom and noted that the energy radius of the proton at the heart of the heavy hydrogen atom changed. The Standard Model says this shouldn't happen. And even if the theory was right, it only applies to 10% of the universe – the rest is mostly unknown. Back to the drawing board.
Victory Is Ours: Texas has become one of the most dangerous places in the developed world to have a baby.
A Parting Shot:


George Anderson said...

Um, indeed little has changed since Einstein opined that we know 'one millionth of one percent of nothing.' While it is understandable that once the patent attorneys got through locking up all the profitable discoveries made by Edison, Tesla & Co technology pretty much came to a dead stop. [If it ain't the church, it's the lawyers! Go figure?]

Here we are expecting technology to save us and there hasn't been a single technological advance since 'Pong'...

Where are our 'innovators'?

G-fan said...

Surprised Bill Clinton didn't speak at Penn State, as he seems very friendly with child molesters/rapists.