Friday, September 16, 2016

SAR #16260

Indifference is often the greater crime.
Their Turn: Saudi Arabia is buying an undisclosed number of Chinese drones, called the Pterodactyl and modeled after the American Reaper/Predator. Iraq earlier got some earlier model Chinese drones. It is said that the Chinese drones, being relatively unsophisticated, are better at killing civilians than the more advanced US versions.
Sharing With The Class: A kindergartener in Trenton, NJ brought 30 packs of heroin to school...
Bread & Conformity: The EU overlords are trying to ingratiate themselves to the peasantry by offering free 100Mbps broadband and Wi-Fi for all if they will just settle down and stop complaining.
Edited:The trick for policy makers is to find the magic level.”
Cage Rattling: Elizabeth Warren (Icon, MA) wants a formal Senate investigation into why the Obama administration has not brought criminal charges against any of the individuals or corporations involved in the 2007-2008 financial fraud and looting that lead to the recent unpleasantness. Okay, but why now? This isn't going to happen, so what might her real motivations be?
Blasphemy: Most of us believe that what is good for us will be good for others. There is no proof of this.
Preponderance of the Evidence: The White House says that President Obama will veto the bill that would let the families of those killed on 9/11 bring suit against Saudi Arabia and individual Saudis for their part in the attack. Because they might well prevail. More importantly, if US citizens are able to sue foreign governments for killing their loved ones, then wouldn't an awful lot of the families of those meeting their demise at the business end of a US drones be able to do the same? And mightn't they also prevail? [From Comments.And this: “The US 'to pay $1.2million' to Italian family of drone strike victim”.
Rawhide! Denver is buying a suburban warehouse as a place to store the overflow from their existing facilities for the homeless. Round 'em up, move 'em out.
Free For All: Just in time for the next round of Cops and Citizens in suburban St. Louis, concealed carry without a permit becomes the law in Missouri. It's the Jesse James Memorial Law, just what Ferguson needs.
The Next Bad Idea: Indexed fractional ownership.”
Eight Years and Counting: How long must we wait for for central banks to admit that they don't have the foggiest idea how to get the economy moving? And isn't it about time Wall Street stopped holding its collective breath every time someone at the Fed starts a rumor?
Are Markets Efficient? No. Remember housing? Can you say 'bubbles'?
Demonstration Project: The NFL, to show how seriously it takes concussions, is going to provide $100 million for research into treatment. That's about the combined annual salary of four pro quarterbacks. Prevention, of course, would entail doing away with pro football, and that's not going to happen.
Testimony: The US military has confirmed that two more graduates of the Guantanamo Bay motivational training center have successfully joined anti-US militant groups.
Porn O'Graph: 4°C and climbing.
A Parting Shot:


Anonymous said...

If US citizens are able to sue foreign governments for complicity in terror attacks, then it presumably follows that the families of those meeting their demise at the business end of a US drone will be able to do the same. In the aggregate I think this move will tip the scales into the red.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Anony 8.02 - Wowser - wish I'd carried through to that conclusion. - ckm