Tuesday, September 13, 2016

SAR #16257

Self-preservation tempers sincerity.
The War Lovers: After 15 years of nearly non-stop propaganda, Americans have come to accept a corrupted version of a free democratic state. Armed soldiers patrolling public places, minimum-wage TSA tyrants herding travelers, the government listening to every phone call, reading every email and tracking everyone 24/7 have become accepted as 'necessary'. Transnational Capitalism now dominates the entire planet and determines what is and is not “reality”. Their motto is 'conform or die' – preferably off-screen, by drone. And we conform.
Timing: The Wells Fargo executive who oversaw the bank's 'phony accounts' division cleverly retired in June, and will walk away with $125 million for her troubles while WF gets to pay a $185 million penalty for her successes. Had she waited for the regulators to catch her, she wouldn't have been so lucky – nor so rich. Never mind, the shareholders get to fund both the fine and the retirement.
Pressing Freedom: A noted journalist who filmed security guards setting dogs onto DAPL protesters is wanted for trespassing while reporting the news. Erdogan's Turkey continues to hold the record for jailing journalists.
Angels/Pinheads: Conservatives say that Hillary can't plead ignorance as a defense for her various missteps, but that corporate leaders can. Isn't Ms. Clinton the leader of a gigantic – although private - corporation?
Clearly Present Danger: President Obama, citing national security and about $750 billion in Treasury notes, says he will veto any bill that would permit 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia for its role in killing Americans.
Proportion: It is okay to take your ticking-bomb Galaxy Note 7 smartphone on a plane, but not 4 oz of shampoo or a half-empty bottle of spring water. No wonder most of us view TSA as pointless harassment.
Entrails: There has been a spirited discussion among economists trying to explain the decline in labor force participation by prime age men (ages 25-54) and women. I'd suggest that a piss-poor economy might have something to do with it, but that's reality and economists don't do reality.
Temptation: North Dakota has legalized the use of armed drones by police agencies. What could go wrong?
Collateral Damaged: The USGS is urging Kansans to prepare for future earthquakes like Oklahomans and Californians do, and to send the bill to the frackers.
Black, Being White: Trump has ageed with Netanyahu that the Palestinians, in resisting being expelled from their homes, are guilty of ethnic cleansing. Yes, it makes no sense – but look where it's coming from.
Diagnosis: Hillary must be very, very sick; she's skipping a fundraiser.
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George Anderson said...

There they are, the scourge of every lawn in the US! But your first observation is remarkably straight-forward as well as being spot on!
[especially the 'comply or die' part!]

The 'rotten economy' that economists keep blowing smoke up everyone's backside about is reaching crisis levels, yoou can't pauperize your customer base then wonder where all the jobs went!

[like our 292 parked railroad engines in the sesert, ONCE tasked with transporting vehicles across the nation, now that most people are putting of purchasing a new vehicle [usually due to vastly less 'discretionary income'] as 'good jobs' continue to be 'churned' away.

The crisis I speak of has hit home, my own kids are 'rudderless', they have no idea how they will get their feet under them. Worse, they fear we will die before they can get out on their own!

A world that doesn't need/have a use for you, is not one worth living in.

All so a few can be rich...