Thursday, September 29, 2016

SAR #16273

Word for the day: Deutsche Bank.
Serving And Projecting: Cops in El Cajon, CA, following the lead of several other police departments nationally, responded to a call to help someone by killing the person who needed help. He was acting “erratically”. Immediately after the shooting, cops descended on local residents and confiscated cell phones. Interestingly, police departments that have strong policies regarding killing civilians don't kill as many civilians as those that don't.
It Says Here: Trump telling women to drop to their knees is “completely innocent.”
Simply Wrong: Larry Summers notes that “A simple linear trend suggests that by mid-century about a quarter of men between 25 and 54 will not be working...” that would be about double today's rate. Naw, doesn't seem likely to me, either.
Seriously: The Dutch government, accepting its responsibility to avert “the imminent danger caused by climate change, is moving to shut down its entire coal industry and close its five existing coal-fired power plants by 2020, including three that came on-line only last year (five older coal-fired plants were shut down last year). The cost is estimated at $7.9 billion.
Quoted: Eric Trump, the third child of The Donald's first of three marriages said that“It took 'courage' for my dad not to mention Bill Clinton's infidelity,” during the debate. In answer to the question on terrorism?
This year is different.” The Arizona Republic, a bastion of “conservative ideals and Republican principals”, has endorsed a Democrat for the Presidency for the first time since its founding in 1890.
Catch 22: The Russian journalist who filmed election fraud as it took place has been arrested for election fraud.
Day Late, Several Dollars Short: The IMF now, finally, at last, sees that globalized free trade benefits “only a fortunate few.” Just as the NY Fed notes that real wages for most of the workforce have been undergoing “negative growth” and getting worse.
Talking Turkey: If everybody that Erdogan has had arrested, detained or fired for taking part in the failed coup had actually taken part in the coup it would have succeeded.
New Kid On The Block: Amazon, which intends to wrest the delivery business away from UPS and FedEX, now has 'fulfillment centers' within 20 miles of 40% of the US population.
Handily: Last year, 1 in 5 American households with children could not afford to buy enough food for their families.
Slowly, Slowly: Global container shipment volumes have not grown this year, the worst performance since 2009 as globalization growth seems to be peaking.
Polls: The huge number of undecided voters – 15 to 20% of those polled - is a reflection of the distaste common among voters to vote for either candidate, and that makes the polls highly suspect.
Things You Already Knew: “Texas is less rational than other states.”
Porn O'Graph: Ups and downs.


Demetrius said...

The Deutsche Bank Pension fund at one time was lending money against the security of the freeholds of many UK leasehold apartments. How about a seize up in UK property and in Europe?

Anonymous said...

Things You Already Knew:“Texas is less rational than other states.” Texas is big, but when it comes to nutty and irrational, Florida is bigger.

William Day said...

As I reflect on your images of the last several weeks, I wonder if you are using the photos to weave a delightfully subtle climate change narrative.
Thank you again for your efforts and
Best wishes to senior management!

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

William - Photo selection is occasionally subversive, but most often not. It is a little, I think, like an author discovering via his critics that he's been clever... I do have a very large library of pictures I've taken over the years, indexed in various ways, and generally randomly pick out the day's harvest - but what drives my hand on the Ouija board?

George Anderson said...

Well put CMK! I don't personally spend a lot of time pondering the snapshots you share, I admire your craftsmanship in assembling the daily puzzle!

That said, I find it disturbing that Larry Summer was Willy Jeff's Treaury Secretary, don't hae much use for 'flat earthers' or 'trickle downers.

What scares the bejesus out of me is when these 'clueless wonders' make announcements like one in four males between 25 and 54 will not be in the workforce by 2050, what planet are they talking about?

Is he really predicting that 'suicide' is what these people have to look forward to?

Aren't the Republican's famous for their simple-minded belief that those who can't find employment simply 'don't want to work'?

I'm more worried that [Republican dominated} Fox is showing the public what the future of the US economy will be with all of their 'back to the land' so-called 'Reality shows'

The average viewer doesn't possess the mental horsepower to process that these people are 'getting by BECAUSE of the paycheck they get from the shows and that most of them will land back in their mother's basement once the show dries up and blows away...


Tulsatime said...

Ticking by the days and hours for the next financial armageddon kick-off. Market, or Bank, or Socio-Political, the possibilities are endless.

McMike said...

Suggestion for tomorrow: You Don't Say. The fix appears to be in on the 9/11 Saudi lawsuit vote. The big rollout came today with the suggestion that Congress had not considered the "unintended consequences" of its vote. Suggesting they might ask for a do-over. What those consequences are, was - notably - never defined. Surreal. The pretenses drop to lower standards with each passing month. I was subjected to a CBS radio news item at the top of the hour which mentioned the "unintended consequences" buzzword twice, without bothering to describe what those might be.

I look forward to crossing the threshold where they just stop pretending, and stop bothering with the razor thin pretenses, bald faced nonsense, and blatant bum rushing.

Alternative heading: Don't Believe Your Lyin' Eyes.

Alternative 2: Smoke, blown.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

McMike, I'll get our top notch researchers right on it...