Wednesday, September 14, 2016

SAR #16258

A lot of what both of 'em say is a load of crop-nutrient.
Lawsuits Are US: Adopting the TPP would add another 10,085 subsidiaries of foreign corporation to the roster of those able to sue the US taxpayer for 'lost profits.' Adding the TTIP would heap on 26,961 more. The full employment acts for lawyers.
Are They Idiots? There's no such thing as an estate tax, it's a tax on incompetent billionaires who don't want to pay for competent tax advice.
Buck Rogers: Robots and AI devices are expected to eliminate lots of jobs for humans in areas as diverse as customer service, trucking, warehousing and bus and taxi services – increasing unemployment by 6%. Retraining as brain surgeons is an option. Or economists.
Double Entry Bookkeeping: So far, the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan have cost the US nearly $5 trillion.
Noted: “The [Donald J. Trump Foundation[ acts as a conduit, receiving gifts from individuals and other wealthy people’s foundations and then distributing those gifts to charities under the Donald J. Trump Foundation name, typically with no credit given to the donor or donors funding the Trump Foundation gift'” Much like another family's foundation...
W/O Comment: The Earth is heating up faster than it has in millions of years.
A Parting Shot:


George Anderson said...

Had a hell of a night, ended up in the hospital with anaphalactic shock of all things!

No itsy-poo, I don't need your pity.

You get older and stuff changes. It's a product I've used most of my adult life and now this!

Live and learn...

What I'm trying to share is this, we all come back to SAR because it provides us with a perspective you won't find anywhere else. Sometimed he preacheth to the choir and othertimes he rampages off the reservation with his hair on fire [and I ain't throwing stones, visitors to my page know I go storming off the reservation all the time.]

Not throwing stones again because my site gets ZERO comments, a 'curiosity' because I provide ample fodder for controversy...yet life offers us countless opportunities to 'keep our mouths shut' and most of the time that's good advice. [especially in a world where we don't have a clue WHO is watching...]

Today's post, like all of them, is like a punch in the face, it tells the truth, plain and simple.

I want CKM to know that I appreciate his candor [and his fearlessness in doing so.] You are 'beyond compare' sir and I salute you!

I also apologize to our host for waxing mawkish but there's nothing like a 'close brush' to make you appreciate what's dear to you.

Anonymous said...

GA, yes getting old is sometimes good and sometimes terrible. i know. hope you are feeling better

CKM, regarding "buck rodgers"
it is noteworthy that half way down in the article the author says "...the tidal wave begins..." that is the 6% job replacement in the next few years is just a taste of what is to come.

some day soon, the army will be mostly drones and robots, operated by private corporations as part of the privatization of the armed forces. and as well we will be policed by drones and robo-cops. those who tout the new economy like to pass off the slogan about upgrading ones skills in so as to remain "competitive". thats bull crap. competitive with what? computers and robots that can build cars and drive cars. the way we are headed, virtually all jobs performed by human beings can ...and replaced by automation,.... computers, ...robots. those who own 90% of everything, the oligarchy, will have no use for the rest of us, and we will have no way in a modern economy to survive. what do you...what does anyone..... think might happen next ?

michael from olympia

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

All these unicorn-riding Uber dronesters keep overlooking one big problem - it is all, or nearly all computer-dependent. Computers are not only endlessly hackabble, they are notorious electrical hogs. We are going to either stop burning fossil fuels to make electricity to run the uber/AI/robo economy, or we're going to raise the temperature to the point that it'll all be academic anyway.

Bernard Eckholdt said...

i am just amazed at the comments about Global Warming, considering the last few years have gotten hotter and hotter than the last ones before it. i suppose these people have never had a terrarium or aquarium.

the delicate balance of life.

Mad Max and Soylent Green are now our futures, thanks in part to the Elites. Damn the torpedoes, i want it all, no matter the cost.

i would have thought people who have children and grandchildren would have mattered enough. obviously, not. now we are sliding on to Armageddon, that hoped for Christian fairy tale invoked to keep us obedient to lies, "faith" and other nonsense.

education can be expensive i gather. but here the cost of ignorance is truly deadly. scary times. they need to change humans' name from homo sapiens to homo idiotus.

Bernard Eckholdt said...

by the way, what is that plant?

Classof65 said...

@George Anderson -- what is the name of your blog, I'd like to visit it?

@CKM -- Some of us can be domestic servants for the 1%, some can program/service computers. There will always be a need for people to landscape, write books, photographers, reporters, run soup-kitchens --at least for awhile. Nurses, doctors, physical therapists, etc. for the rich people who can afford healthcare. The rest of us will starve or die at an early age since we will have no money for food, healthcare, vaccines, medicine, dentists, eye glasses, hearing aids, or clean water. Some people will try subsistent farming. We will go back to being hunters and gatherers. If the weather doesn't get worse real quick. We will kill off each other for a crust of bread. Despite all of this, I refuse to drink my own or anyone else's urine (Waterworld).

"Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?"

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Bernard, the plant is staghorn sumac, Rhus typhina. Common roadside bush, usually in clumps.