Thursday, September 22, 2016

SAR #16266

You don't need a god to know when you have sinned.
Precision: The mistaken US-led coalition bombing of a Syrian military position Saturday is being excused by US spokesmen, claiming that it “may have happened because the personnel weren't wearing military uniforms.” Nice to know what the targeting criterion is.
Hold The Fries: While at one point during the Recent Unpleasantness about half of recent college grads were underemployed, fewer than 10% of them actually worked as baristas. They were often employed in jobs that did not require a degree, but made more at them than non-degreed stiffs. Liberal arts grads were three times as likely to be underemployed than chemical engineers and biologists.
Fine Point: Paul Krugman is urging us to “vote as if it matters.” As if.
Asked & Answered: What Have We Learned From The Crisis?” Well, if 'the crisis' is the Recent Economic Disaster and the 'we' are the economists, then the answer is: Not much, mostly what doesn't work to wrest the economy away from Wall Street and get it started again.
Place Your Bets: Obama says that Israel cannot “permanently occupy, settle Palestinian land.” Define 'permanently'.
Ratchet: Russia is sending an aircraft carrier to Syria, to protect Aleppo from UN humanitarian convoys. Actually, the US – which has AWACS and satellites glued to Syrian airspace – says it doesn't know whose aircraft bombed the destroyed convoy, but that's not really believable.
Words for the day: 'Incentivised reviews' As in “I got paid to praise.... on Amazon.”
Partnership: A pair of bipartisan bills are marching through Congress, pretending to block a $1.15 billion sale of US tanks to Saudi Arabia. The sponsors citing concern about the paucity of Saudi contributions to their PACs the number of civilians killed in Yemen by US munitions and equipment.
Edited: Banking Has Become a Criminal Enterprise in the US . And we're not too sure about the tense, either.
Writing Prompt: A single F-35A fighter jet – which cannot do most of the things it was supposed to do and all of which are now grounded because of more design flaws – costs more than it would to send 3,300 kids to college this year. What does this say about values?
Enigma: Scientists have announced they have, at long last, figured out why Tardigrades are so infernally indestructible. Have you figured out what a Tardigrade is? Hey, it might be important!
Excuses: The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has ruled that black men may have a legitimate reason to flee the police. Fear of killed, for example.
Noted: Even with the new and improved and much higher premiums for Obamacare, they are, on average, still lower than employer-sponsored health insurance plans.
Spontaneous Combustion: The top tier of executives at Wells Fargo, all of whom are 'deeply sorry' for all the theft and fraud, are being urged to resign before they have to give back their bonuses and give up their golden parachutes.
A Parting Shot:


George Anderson said...

Is the government out of control and out of touch? That is not a question but a statement of fact. The question is what can we do about it considering who 'controls' the political process and the judiciary...

The trick will be to fix this WITHOUT spilling the 'blood of patriots' because people seem to have lost sight of the fact that one man's patriot is another man's terrorist.

For years we go on our way, doing the best we can to do the 'right thing'...Next thing you know MOrning in America comes along and we find ourselves in a war with 'unidentified' terrorists.

Make no mistake about it, the 'war on terra' isn't confined to the Middle East, it has the authority to strike 'terrorists' wherever they spring up, regardless of nationality.

1984 anyone?

Bill the accountant said...

Wells Smells

Modern banking:

Cook up fraud scheme (financial innovation)
Bank billions (Bonus millions)
Pay 5% to regulators (the split)
Pay 1% to lawyers (the fix)
Pay 1/2% tp politicos (the protection)
Go to jail! Ha! ..Go to 30 million dollar house on long Island

Anonymous said...

Ratchet:Russia is sending an aircraft carrier to Syria,to protect Aleppo from UN humanitarian convoys. Actually, the US – which has AWACS and satellites glued to Syrian airspace – says it doesn't know whose aircraft bombed the destroyed convoy, but that's not really believable.

Let me fix that for you: "can't even prove the convoy (which was not registered, and who knows what it was carrying) was bombed or shelled, much less "attacked."

Obamacare vs employee plans: Most employer plans don't stick their staff with $4,000 deductable and 50% co-pays. I'll sell anyone a used Honda with no a/c, no radio, for 10% off of sticker price for a new one if they believe Apples are the same as Oranges.

Bernard Eckholdt said...

Like blacks need to fear the police! lol. is this country great or what!! and Trump wants to make "America great again." lol. what am i missing?

we are all terrorists, now, baby. thanks to the War on Drugs/America. automatically criminals thanks to that "successful" war and the copycat Wars that followed

first they came for the Blacks! or something like that. since i'm not Black I don't have anything to worry about, do i?

I'm do wonder who's next. Being the permanent "object" of this WAR gives the rest of us "some" breathing room, right?