Friday, September 2, 2016

SAR #16246

One And Done: With the Administration, the CIA, Homeland Security, Harry Reid and two dogs and a pony all warning us that the Russians intend to hack the election, it is time to act, to demand paper ballot - hand marked, publicly counted and publicly secured for the term of those elected. And to stop all of this horsepucky about computer based elections.
Parlor Games: If you are not invested in Hanjin – the world's seventh largest container line – and are not depending on goods that are currently in Hanjin's hands being shipped here or there, it will be fun watching its bankruptcy play out as its ships – both laden and empty – stand off from their destinations for fear they and/or their cargoes will be seized to pay off debts. For extra credit you could try and figure out what this says about globalization and its discontents.
Shut Up And Stay In Line: The hacker who exposed the existence of Hillary's private email domain, was rewarded with a 52 month sentence in federal prison for embarrassing the former Secretary.
Asked & Obvious: “Does Wall Street do 'God's Work' or anything useful? No, the details are boring and obvious. Wall Street is in it for itself, end of discussion.
Burble: Candidate Clinton repeatedly avowed that she had turned over all government-related emails to the State Department. This was but a series of lies – or the same lie told seriatim – as the continual surfacing of yet another bunch rather well but sadly proves. Converting government records to your own use is a crime and destroying government records is also. As is storing classified material in private homes, etc.
Mathiness: There's a new scare story going around- started in the WSJ – that to meet the administration's goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050 would cost us $5.28 trillion. Which is about half as much as the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan will set us back. Or about $150 billion a year – just to save the planet.
Long Story Short: Hillary and Bill do not have an ethics problem; they have no ethics.
Porn O'Graph: Once more, it's their game and they are winning.
A Parting Shot:


William Day said...

Parlor Games:
Had a conversation with a fellow about a month ago about Maersk reducing it's fleet, sending vessels to scrap and cancelling orders for new ships. "Well who is going to ship the freight then?" was the only response. The look of contempt to the reply -"Won't be any to ship" was very telling. Wish I had this article then so I could have replied "Won't be Hanjin".
Just for fun Google 292 locomotives Arizona desert.
Best to all

George Anderson said...

Thanks for the heads up Bill (and naturally, CKM.) You'd think news like that would have the media's knickers in a knot but if you don't go digging for it, it's not there.

Did anyone else miss the memo we were expected to return to 'self-sufficiency by the third quarter of 2016?

Do you think we'll be able to file for an extension?

Always suspected the plan was to kick the legs out from under us and toss us in the cesspool they made for us.

If you ask a millennial "where does food come from?' they will invariably answer 'the supermarket'.

They think farms are like zoos where animal lovers keep their pets.

Gonna be a hairy mess when they run out of Monster/Red Bull.

Well, Happy Friday/Labor Day folks [even if most of us aren't working!]

Looks like I might get my 'strike' after all.