Tuesday, September 6, 2016

SAR 316250

What if it's already 'tomorrow'?
The Big Show: The US and China, who emit about 40% of the world's CO2, are making a big deal out 'formally joining' the global climate suicide pact reached in Paris last April. The pact is voluntary and unenforceable in any realistic way. It pretends to be a plan to stop global warming at 2°C and says some nice things about 1.5°C – which is pretty disingenuous in that 1.5°C is a sure thing and a 2°C rise will be here before any actual steps will be taken. And how binding is Obama's signature is on the “agreement”? It certainly is not a legally binding treaty, which the Senate would have to bless.
Macho Men: Like so much else in our modern consumer society, antibacterial soap is useless, or worse. The FDA has given manufacturers a year to keep fleecing the gullible pull it off shelves.
Insincere Insecurity: An Egyptian MP acknowledges that Muslim men are so sexually insecure that women “must accept” genital mutilation so they won't know how poorly their men perform.
For Ever And Ever: Volunteers who want to work for Donald Trump's campaign have to sign a 2,271-word nondisclosure agreement, which prohibits them from criticizing Trump or his family for the rest of their lives. Sure most of it is unenforceable and some of it is illegal, but hey, it's the Donald.
Half-time: Brock Turner, the former Stanford University student sentenced to six months in the local lockup for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster, was released from jail early Friday after serving half his term – for Good Behavior, supposedly.
Harvesting: Hillary, Inc. raised $143 million in August. This weekend she threw a $100,000 a plate dinner in the Hamptons. Some of the money will be spent on her campaign.
Just Reward: Ramsey Orta, the scumbag who filmed NYC cops killing Eric Garner for selling cigarettes, is going to jail for four years. Actually he's going to jail for filming the cops and will have to stay there four years. If he survives.
Rounders: We play the national anthem – and indulge in lots of martial hoo-hah – before sporting events... because we play the national anthem and bathe ourselves in cheap 'patriotism' before sporting events. Somehow it makes sitting on our asses drinking beer, eating pizza and watching our gladiators seem patriotic.
Slippage: A law in Iowa requires actual jail time for people such as teachers, social workers and psychologists who are convicted of sexually abusing students. Like many laws, this one seems to be optionally enforced.
A Parting Shot:


meeram said...

I've just discovered SAR and love it as much as Naked Capitalism. I appreciate the clarity of the content, but was taken aback by your reference of Orta as "scumbag". He filmed what turned out to be yet another senseless murder by police. How does that make him a "scumbag"?

George Anderson said...

Yes, one of the 'by-products' of Morning in America', the Justice system already blind, went deaf and dumb [and more than a little insane!]

Instead of doing what it was established to do, it went looking for issues nobody cared about and started 'fixing' them!

This is the 'wrong path' everybody is complaining about but our notoriously 'tone-deaf' politicians pretend they can't hear us and spend their days mulling where the 'gender confused' will go potty.

Will the upcoming election set us back on 'the right path'?

Not real likely, neither candidate has a handle on what needs doing [well, Trump is mouthing some of the right phrases but his ability to sort fact from fiction nevermind remember what he promised becomes an issue.

Do we really have four more years? [to wait for another chance?]

This is nonsense, I say we go on strike and stay there until we're heard!

George Anderson said...

@ Meeram: Um, it's sarcasm...but I'll let CKM answer, it's his place.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

meeram, reader George A is dead on - the 'scumbag' was intended as sarcasm. There's a lot of that in this blog. Usually First Reade makes me line it out as in the last part of the ender for "Stay In Line..." But not always. Mr. Orta was a brave citizen and is paying the price.

- come back often. ckm

Bernard Eckholdt said...

yes, the use of sarcasm and facts are what makes this such a great blog. how could so many "unreal" things be real/true is so hard to believe. CKM has such a way with words, i always read his blog. and i often prove that sometimes "somethings are better left unsaid," when there are those, like CKM, who can say it so much better .
the reality of the world i live in today is truly "awesome." beyond description in the horror, lies and hurt men do unto each other.

this is a pearl of a website. thanks again, CKM

Anonymous said...

Speaking of sarcasm (which is what I love so much about your blog Charles)there's *some of the money will be spent on her campaign*. I don't know if that is a good thing or not...I don't want her to campaign at all, but I also don't think she should be allowed to keep the spoils of all her past and present crimes. Catch-22 again....