Thursday, September 8, 2016

SAR #16252

If I know I am being kind, no one else need know.
Labor Daydreaming: While the US held its annual memorial to Unions, ten Indian unions held one of the largest labor actions (for which read 'strike') in history as tens of millions – I repeat, tens of millions – of public sector workers struck in protest of the government's plans to privatize their jobs. Didn't hear about it on the evening news, eh?
Added Value: Harvard, biting the hand that feeds it, reports that “excess management” - like that taught at the Harvard Business School – is costing the US economy $3 trillion a year with little or nothing to show for it.
Does She Or Doesn't She: The US returned some $1.7 billion in cash – foreign cash, not US dollars – to Iran in order to settle a 30-year old debt the US owed after scuttling delivery of weapons Iran had already paid for back then. That the cash was delivered contingent on the release of Americans being held by Tehran has been construed as paying blackmail. The administration maintains that the cash was held until the Iranians ponied up the hostages, thus we blackmailed them. You pays the money and makes up whatever story suits.
Anniversary: Fifteen bodies were recovered and more than 2,700 boat migrants were rescued off the coast of Libya on Monday. Children now make up more than half of the world’s refugees. I can think of better ways to mark 911 than a minute of government-authorized hate.
Priorities: The Republican Senate continues to think that deformed babies are an acceptable price to pay to prevent women from controlling their own bodies, thus they will not fund a fight against Zika unless they can kill Planned Parenthood at the same time.
Secret War Secrets: Obama has become the first US President to visit Laos. Much earlier, while LBJ and Nixon didn't actually visit, they let Henry send a few calling cards – a B52 load of bombs every eight minutes for nine years. And while less than 1% of those bombs did not detonate, that still leaves 80 million unexploded warheads scattered about the countryside. About 20,000 people – yes, Laotians are people, too, even if they don't work in skyscrapers – have been killed by the unexploded bombs. No one knows how many children died from the 99% that worked as designed.
Pay To Play: Having played, Fox is now paying Gretchen Carlson $20 million – without, of course, admitting that Roger Ailes did anything wrong. Ever.
Out Damned Spot! Saudi Arabia's top cleric says Iranians are 'not Muslims' because they do not agree with the Wahhabis on how many houris can dance on the head of a pin.
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McMike said...

Re added value. I am not necessary arguing against the possibility that its premise is accurate - it's almost certainly be true to a degree - but the article itself read as a sort of breezy libertarian unicorn argument; but instead of complaining about government, it deployed pretty much the same complaint against middle management.

blah blah blah waste of productivity, wah wah wah rules stoopid rules, blah blah blah restraint on creativity.... [cite anecdotal exception here] [insert underpants gnome argument here] hooray magical thinking benefits of mass redeployment.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

McMike - I included that item mainly because it touches on one of my favorite hobby-horses: Railing against too many managers and too much 'management' - by which we mean self aggrandizing manipulation. Especially by MBAs. I detest the cult of "management expertize" and the ridiculous salaries they gather - not earn.

Ah, nothing like a little rant in the morning.

William Day said...

Added Value:
McMike seems that Upton Sinclair said something about jobs and understanding. As Mr. Fields might have said " ah the euphonious appellation - Creative Destruction". Might I paraphrase Niemöller..... First they came for the blue collar workers.....

Mr. CKM III I offer Rodney Crowell -
Don't Get Me Started.

George Anderson said...

I think we all need little 'reminders' like Labor Daydreaming; nothing was mentioned about it here in the Northeast which tells us what we already know, the oligarchs decide what is and isn't 'newsworthy' and if they don't think you 'need to know' they will tell you something else.

Also filed under asked and obvious [Priorities] regarding how politicians no longer care if they're perceived as 'Monsters', they do what they're told to keep their challengers from receiving bigger campaign contributions than they do.

Um, little late but I saw 'Sicko' last night and it made me realize things are worse than it the appears and I was already of the opinion that USA was a 'good place to be FROM'.

Anonymous said...

regarding "secret war secrets"
we didn't learn much from the vietnam war
over 3 million people dead under the claim that vietnam was a threat to american security

an there after the death count from the continuing wars in iraq lybia syria yemmen.....

if there are hyper advanced alien life species visiting the earth, i have some advice for them
stay the hell away... and don't share advanced technology with us...we can't handle the technology we have
you have no idea what killers we are...homosapiens will ultimately self destruct and take all around us, with us

michael from olympia

we have a license to kill

license to kill richie havens youtube
bob dylan got it right and richie havens delivery is perfect.

Anonymous said...

regarding "labor daydreaming"

our petrifying "4th estate" is becoming a most ignoble version of george orwell's "ministry of truth"

michael from olympia