Monday, July 7, 2014

SAR #14186

For a nation of immigrants we sure don't like 'em much. 
Asked & Answered: What did we get for the $7 billion we spent trying to eradicate opium growing in Afghanistan? A bumper crop, 36% above 2012's crop and nearly double previous levels. We spent even more fighting the Taliban and got similar results. Ask Dick Cheney about those oil fields in Iraq – you know, the ones ISIS now controls. Another trillion down the drain.

Where The Wild Things Are: The GOP's intellectual leader gets his monetary economics from characters in Ayn Rand novels.

Econ 101: The story thus far: we had an immense housing bubble, the bubble burst, it left a huge hole in spending which the Congress was loath to fill. Everything else is footnotes. How did things go so wrong? It is the combined effect of rigid ideology and scorched-earth political tactics. It was, and continues to be, a political choice where ideological hysteria over deficit spending trumps putting people back to work.

Let Me Count The Ways: Research confirms that the 22,900% increase in earthquake activity in what had been tectonically calm Oklahoma is a direct result of hydrofracking.

Getting Turned On: TSA is doubling the passenger-security fees next month, to pay for pretending to increase passenger security by having you stand in line much longer while they turn on and snoop through your cell phone, iPad, MP3, computer and so on, swab your shoes and clothes for explosive residue and make travel even less attractive and the population even more docile.

Without Comment: India will provide four new vaccines free of cost as part of a program to reduce child mortality. This brings to 13 the number of vaccines provided free by the Indian government.

As We Suspected: Searching the web for information on tools and techniques to enhance your privacy is sufficient cause to be thrown into the NSA's web. You haven't got to look for an al-Qaeda website, just download Linux. Or an encryption program. Checking out TOR will do it for sure. We suspect just reading this blog will do it, too. But to make sure, click here to read about the TOR project. Or search in another language, because we all know how un-American that would be.

Bottom Line: The real take-away from the ridiculous Hobby Lobby decision is that we need a single-payer health care system, not a single-prayer one.

God Will Know His Own: Over 90% of NSA intercepts are those of “ordinary people”, aka collateral damage. And it is not 'incidental', for they are scooping up baby photos, medical records, selfies, and your resumes. 
Mother's Milk: A fracking outfit is so sure that its operations are safe that they offered all of the residents in the Cardox Road area of Finleyville, PA $50,000 cash to sign a quit-claim for health problems, property damage and other associated harm from the wells the company is planning to inflict on the area.

Over-reach: In Australia, BP tried to trademark 'green' – the color. Not all greens, just their green. Don't tell the trees.

Porn O'Graph: Location, Location, Location.


Anonymous said...

Without Comment: India will provide four new vaccines free of cost ...

In a country where the 1% are running amok, a puff story off the MSM newswire might be questioned. I wonder what famous Indian activist, Arundhati Roy might say:

"Indian author and social critic Arundhati Roy wants the world to know that her country is under the control of its largest corporations.
"Wealth has been concentrated in fewer and fewer hands," Roy tells the Georgia Straight by phone from New York. "And these few corporations now run the country and, in some ways, run the political parties. They run the media.""

Do you suppose that might be the political parties who decide on the vaccines?
And those of us who still have some memory left, do remember !% Bill Gates and his "free" computers.
Ah, people are so cynical.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Providing free vaccines was the idea being lauded. Whether it is the 1%-run India or the 0.1%-run US, providing every citizen vaccination beats not doing so.

Everybody gets to ride their own hobby horse...