Thursday, July 31, 2014

SAR #14210

The fact that most of us are average does neither explains nor excuses television programming.

Interesting: The US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has ruled that Mississippi cannot impose a law that would close the remaining facility providing abortion services in the state because “ a woman has the constitutional right to end her pregnancy by abortion” and the state cannot deprive any woman of that constitutional right. Supreme Court here we come.

Yes: Some suggest that oil is the only reason the West has any interest in the Middle East. They're right. Washington went to war to protect Kuwait's oil and to 'save' the Iraqi oil fields, but doesn't care that the Israelis are invading Gaza under false pretenses. The US Congress threatened to go to war if Russia was found responsible for bringing down MH17, but says nothing about over a thousand dead civilians in Gaza – because they have no oil.

Need Not To Know: If you live in Rhode Island, you are not allowed to know what the hedge funders are paid to lose your pension, nor what they gambled it on. Trade secrets, where they trade your money for secrecy.

Inquiring Minds: How does the House Republicans vote to sue Obama for weakening the Affordable Care Act differ from an attempt at impeachment?

Political Logic: The White House continues to want to censor – geld, neuter, whatever – what the US public can be allowed to know about the torture program run around the world by the CIA for years. And which has theoretically stopped. If it has stopped and if it was, as they pretend, somehow legal, then what are they hiding? Oh, evidence of a crime, evidence of a crime.

Precedence: Michele Mad-Eyes Bachmann has explained that the reason Obama is not stopping the flood of immigrant children is because “he wants to experiment on them”. Yeah, he wants to see what the results feeding, clothing and housing the poor, the downtrodden, those yearning to breath free would be, if we actually tried it
Menu Item: NOAA says that climate change is threatening the world's supply of shellfish. Enjoy now, they'll cost even more before they're gone.

Trial And Errors: Everyone gets things wrong once in a while, but it takes a certain type of hard-money economist to be wrong consistently, year after year.

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Yonatan said...

There are large gas fields off the shore of Gaza. Israel wants it. How to do that? Drive the Gazans into Egypt and then extend Israel into Gaza and hey presto - billions in profits.