Wednesday, July 9, 2014

SAR #14188

Religious tomes – things like the Bible and the Koran – can be as bad for you as handling snakes and should be left to experts, preferably literature professors. 
Vatican North: The UK establishment is apparently home to as many, if not more, pedophiles than the Roman Catholic Church, with an appalling concentration in Whitehall. The practice, concealed since the Thatcher government if not before, has been at best passively condoned by politicians and senior government officials. And the denial continues, with over 100 child abuse investigative files being 'missing from official records.' The current Education Secretary, continuing decades of cover ups, insists there is no need for a public inquiry into the cover-up or the crimes – especially in that investigation would show that Madame Thatcher's administration actively hid the crimes of MPs and peers. According to a former UK health minister, as early as 1992, government investigators were aware that “powerful people” used government run children's homes as a “supply line” for their victims.

Now They Tell Us: “Printing more money could have prevented the Great Recession.”

Eat The Kids: The global financial system owns our societies, banks, politicians, the whole lot. It therefore owns us too, which includes you, and it’s very counterproductive to deny that. It can do what it wants and what it pleases with impunity. It took the finance wizards surprisingly long to figure that out, but they have. This has enabled them to buy everything and everyone they wanted to buy.” Raúl Ilargi Meijer 
Flashback: The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal ruled that aggression was "the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole." The US/UK led invasion of Iraq being a textbook example of the crime.

The Trickled On Economy: That America is the land of opportunity is a myth and has been for decades. A young American's future depends not on the content of his character but the contents of his parents' wallet. This is not an inexorable result of our economic system, but of our political system, which provides preferential treatment for the rich and the children of the rich. This will continue as long as we let it.

The Money Changers: The Vatican's scandal ridden bank - The Institute for Works of Religion – is finally throwing out the money lenders. In the last year it has blocked the accounts of more than 2,000 clients and ended another 3,000 "customer relationships", nearly wiping out its 2013 profits.


Anonymous said...

George Carlin did a beautiful routine on the "owners" in his "A life worth losing" show
Pull it up on Youtube, very worthwhile.
Keep up the nice work Mr. Michaelson,

Anonymous said...

Re Vatican North:

This website has loads of details about the alleged long term involvement of politicians, police, celebrities etc in child abuse within the UK.