Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SAR #14202

No system of mass surveillance has existed in any society that we know of to this point that has not been abused.” Edward Snowden
No Country For Little Children: Rick 'Round 'em up' Perry is sending 1000 Texas National Guards to repel the “assault” that Central American children have mounted against the Alamo, saying “We are too good of a country” to force these refugee children to remain in the US. At the other end of the country, Maine's Republication Governor Paul LePage has told the federal government that housing eight refugee children is a “huge burden” that the state cannot handle. A bit further south, Democratic Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, has offered to host refugee children at state facilities.

Quoted: ‘No one’s got Christ more wrong than the Christians’ - Tom Petty.

Just Becasue: TN Republican county commissioner Mark Kelly admits he can’t prove his anti-Muslim smears against his Muslim-American Democratic rival. But so what, that doesn't mean they're not true, right?

The Great, The Bad and The Ugly: Australia's Great Barrier Reef is under stress from farm runoff, dropping water quality, and now an immense dredging project to enable coal to be exported. The reef has lost half its corals in the last 30 years and by 2050 will have become “pretty ugly” - a seabed of dead coral, large swaths of seaweed, and few fish. And no tourists.

Explanation: The CPI inflation rate for June was 2.1%, a bit above the Fed goal, but two thirds of the increase was due to the price of gasoline – which doesn't count. They say. But with real wages falling, it soon may. 
Gelding The Lily: A DC federal appeals court has ruled that those who live in states (27 of them governed by Republicans) which refused to set up insurance exchanges under the ACA cannot get their health insurance subsidized by the federal government, even though that was the obvious intent of the law. Before the right wing hate-anything-Obama-does crowd gets to celebrating they might want to think about how people are going to react when they learn their health insurance subsidies have been taken away by the Republicans.

Porn O'Graph: How long is long?

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