Friday, July 18, 2014

SAR #14197

Hey, Good Christians®? Why are you worrying about the refugee children when there are zygotes that need saving? Amanda Marcotte

Democracy, GOP Version: Following the newly revised minority rules rule, the GOP mustered 43 votes to defeat the 56 Senators who wanted to restore contraceptive access under the proposed “ The Protect Women's Health from Corporate Interference Act”,which would have prohibited employers from picking and choosing which parts of various laws they would comply with. The Republicans, who don't much believe in the federal government at all anyway, thought that employer nullification was a Good Idea.

Geopolitics: The values and ideas once considered universal, such as cooperation, mutual aid, international social justice and peace are irrelevant in today's world. But International Trade Treaties are not.

Self-Defense: Seventeen members of a single family wiped out in a missile strike. A center for disabled people bombed. Four teenagers playing on a beach, killed by naval bombardment in front of a resort hotel. A half-million Gaza residents told to “leave” or be ground under the tread of Israeli tanks, as though there were somewhere in that little stretch of desert that wasn't already full of Palestinian refugees. A member of Israel's parliament decreed that Palestinian mothers “have to die and their houses should be demolished so that they cannot bear any more terrorists.” Bill Clinton said Hamas was “forcing Israel to kill civilians.” And the US Congress sent another $352 million to top-up Israel's war machine.

Noted: Pro-Russian Ukrainian rebels shot down a commercial airliner, killing passengers and crew. It was a Malaysian Airlines Flight, which is now marketing itself as the Carnival Lines of the air.

Equal Protection: The Catholic Diocese in Missouri took a break from hiding pedophilic priests and fired a lesbian employee for getting married. On the brighter side, a judge in Florida ruled that just because the state's voters approved a ban on same-sex marriage didn't mean he would.


mistah charley, ph.d. said...

the airplane - you are probably right about who did it - and if so, it was a tragic error - they meant to destroy a plane and kill people, but not THIS plane and THESE people

there is, perhaps, a very small chance that the kiev gov't did it on purpose, with the intention of blaming the insurgents and reaping the benefits of the consequences of such an attribution - when one asks cui bono that is the answer that emerges

my wife wonders if someone she knows from holland, who might have been going to the AIDS conference, might have been on the plane - we'll know for sure in a day or two

Anonymous said...

It was a Malaysian Airlines Flight, which is now marketing itself as the Carnival Lines of the air.

Thanks. I hate to smile at such a tragedy, but I did and I thank you for that line.

Anonymous said...

"Pro-Russian Ukrainian rebels shot down a commercial airliner"

You forgot to mention "CONCLUSION-JUMPING" as one of your "thin talents".

Which is why I am UNfollowing you ipso facto; you just flushed your credibility down the toilet.

As did your entire country.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

I blame it all on First Reader, who didn't insist on inserting 'apparently' in the appropriate place. I doubt the Russians did, I don't see a gain for them. I don't think the Ukrainian government had operating elements in that area. Which leaves either the pro-R element or some very adept others who suck in with the launcher and radar and then slipped away.

Possible, But about as possible as Anony 1.39 coming back if I'm accidentally right.

Yonatan said...

"Pro-Russian Ukrainian rebels shot down a commercial airliner"

Do you have any reliable evidence to support you definitive statement of what happened and who was responsible?

Anonymous said...

Give us this day this website. Most real info for time spent. Thank you

TulsaTime said...

Russia is responsible for this level of weaponry being in the hands of a rebellion, and that is just insane. Give them tactical nukes next time, why don't you? And planes too...