Saturday, July 19, 2014

SAR #14198

Ignoring past performance does not necessarily guarantee future employment.” The Fear Factor.

Pudding: Research shows that children raised on a diet of “religious narratives” [Bible stories, for example] have difficulty distinguishing fact from fiction. Which is the point, isn't it? Children not told that fairy tales are true not so indoctrinated are generally much better able to tell fantasy when they hear it.

Cranking It Out:[I]inflation paranoia isn’t a simple misunderstanding... it’s deeply embedded in the modern conservative psyche. Government action must, by definition, have disastrous results...” Which is why “the rare conservative willing to admit that we don’t yet have high inflation won’t admit that this suggests something wrong with models that predicted a huge inflation surge. No, it’s just a miracle.”

Historically Accurate: Four Pennsylvania lawmakers, three Democrats and one Republican, have had the plaques beneath their portraits updated to include the crimes for which they were convicted and their sentences, along with their other accomplishments while in office. Illinois should take note, create a Hall of Governors based on mugshots.

Microlean: Microsoft is cutting upwards of 18,000 workers in the coming year, 13,000 right away. Mostly to pay for the $7.2 billion the company spent on buying Nokia's handset business. The announcement drove up the stock price, as firing people generally does. 
Caution, Curves Ahead: By some measures of stock prices, US stocks are currenly abut 80% overvalued. Wouldn't want to be a party pooper, but bubbles happen – especially when stocks are 50% or more overvalued. And no working fund managers have experienced a bear market. But don't panic, the trend is your friend, until it isn't. 
Porn O'Graph: Plastic, plastic everywhere.

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