Monday, September 1, 2014

SAR #14242

How does an incursion differ from an invasion?

Spoils Of War: Israel is going to take about a thousand acres of land from 5 Palestinian West Bank villages and settle Israelis there, in the biggest land grab in 30 years. Undoubtedly AIPAC will get this funded by the US, because Israel is broke, having spent $2.52 billion destroying Gaza to the point it will take take 20 years to rebuild.

Spoiling For War: Putin says Russia wants “statehood” for eastern Ukraine. Takes one to know one.

Noted: An attack on American soil along about now would certainly help speed the acquisition of even more power by the central government, particularly the Executive. Maybe they could lend local police forces some personnel experienced in the use of all that combat gear they've been pre-positioning around the country. It would stimulate the economy, increase profits and give the poor and unemployed and disenfranchised an 'other' to focus their anger at – instead of troubling the 1%.

Ratio: The headline was a 22.6% gain in durable goods orders. But that was Boeing selling airplanes. Without the airplane sales, durables fell 0.8%.

Shape Shifting: A federal judge has ruled that Texas' new abortion restrictions – which would have closed 12 of the state's 19 abortion facilities – is unconstitutional because it would “create an impermissible obstacle as applied to all women seeking a pre-viability abortion," which is their constitutional right. 
Apples & All That: Christian Radio's Bryan Fischer claims that Jesus is the “magic force” that keeps the universe from “flying apart.” Actually, sir, that would be dark matter. And while it is fairly much a mystery, it is not magic, just physics.

Making Haste Slowly: The US housing market is fading the latest Case-Shiller Home Price Index data for June, saw "for the first time since February 2008, all cities showed lower annual rates than the previous month."
Like! This: The US can and does brand people as 'suspected terrorists' and place them on the master watchlist on evidence as flimsy as a single Facebook posting. And if you are one of the 40% of the people on the list with “no recognized terrorist affiliation”, you will never know because there is no-one who has oversight to watch the watch list. Because it's secret.

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho It's Off To War We Go: Germany is giving 16,000 assault rifles, 10,000 hand grenades, 500 anti-tank rockets, armored vehicles and more to the Kurds in Iraq. Hope they put GPS tracking chips in them so they'll know where they are when ISIS gets their hands on them.

Profit & Losers: Remember that in the capitalist health-care system, the object is not to cure but to treat. Delaying death is highly profitable, while a cure is one and done. Treat symptoms, preferably with an addictive drug with treatable side effects. 
Insider: Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah warns that the the West will be jihadists' next target. He should know, much of their financing comes from Saudis.

Please Define: Unlawful symbol burning”. Then tell me about lawful symbol burning.

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