Monday, September 29, 2014

SAR #14270

Define 'Civilian': The US wants to impose a 'no-fly' zone over Syria in order to protect civilians from airstrikes. The assumption is that US airstrikes do not kill civilians.

Either/Or: Obama says that the public's mistrust of the police is corroding America. Maybe it's because the cops think nothing of medically paralyzing a person to conduct a 'cavity search'. Or that district attorneys in LA want to give the cops blanket authority to conduct warrantless hotel/motel registration searches to see who they can blackmail
Several Days Late: After sterilizing 39 female inmates without their consent in the last decade, California has decided that maybe they should ask permission.

Observed: Most of the poor have jobs. The problem is that even with jobs' many do not earn enough to get by. A Martian might conclude that either our bills are too high or our jobs don't pay enough. Democracy should not mean having the freedom to slowly starve while working full time. It should not mean having the freedom and the necessity to choose between groceries or dental care. It should not require that most of us to support the rich while depriving our children of their futures.

Back To The Future: The Turkish government, turning its back on Kemal Atatürk, has banned makeup, tattoos and piercings among students, but will now allow the wearing of headscarves – pending mandatory burkas for all females over the age of 3.

Factoid: Thirty-four percent of the US workforce is made up of “freelancers”, most of whom have no job security, no benefits, no future. And that's our future, too.

Easy Button: The US energy 'boom' is most likely to end a) when all the sweet spots have been fracked, b) when the Soviet Arctic comes on line, c) when interest rates rise, d) when the price of West Texas Intermediate drops below $90, or e) soon.

Irresistible: Four Peruvian anti-logging activists have been cut down.

In The National Interest: Australia has banned all reports of “multi-national bribery” because revealing the extent of government coruption would endanger the government's national security. In the same vein, in order to keep the Australian secret police happy, internet provider Vodaphone will now keep track of its customers' web history for at least 90 days, pretending that this is to "allow its customers to keep track of how much of their data allowance they are using on particular sites." 
Sorry, So Sorry: Comcast, admitting that its cusromer service is terrible, has promised to make improvements, and while it will start billing you for the improved service now, actual improvement “may take a few years.”

Jargon: The Air Force sergeant who pled guilty to multiple charges of rape has had his conviction overturned because military judges did no think confessing was a sufficient basis for a conviction. In the USAF “confession” obviously doesn't mean what says in the dictionary.

Small Business Start-Up: An industrious young man who secretly siphoned off 1.5 million gallons of water for his marijuana plantation has been arrested. Bad business plan, and he over-watered.

Porn O'Graph: Rich richer, etc.

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Blissex said...

«did no think confessing was a sufficient basis for a conviction»

Taking a confession on its own to be sufficient proof of a crime is a great and nasty evil, as false confessions then become common, for several obvious reasons, and with very nasty consequences.

In civilized jurisdictions a confession on its own is considered presumptively an attempt to pervert justice.

But then in many jurisdictions the principle of presumption of innocence has been severely diminished in "politically correct" cases by effectively shifting the burden of proof from the accuser to the accused...