Thursday, September 25, 2014

SAR #14266

Thou shalt not speak ill of insiders. Jesse

From The Redwood Forests... The US Forest Service says that the media (? who, precisely are 'the media'?) must get a $1,500 permit before pictures of trees and ferns can be taken in any of the 100 million acres of national wilderness. This land may be your land, but they're in charge.

Bug/Feature: CVS now claims that a computer program that caused their pharmacies to routinely charge women illegal copays for birth control products was “a glitch”. Their profit projections have been adjusted.

WTF? The Nanny State, in the guise of national security, has been monitoring Huntsville, AL school students' Facebook pages and other internet use, looking for malcontent and non-conformist teens. Privacy? These are school kids, they don't got no privacy.

If Only: Facebook has joined Google, Microsoft and Yelp in leaving ALEC over its denial of climate change. Now if our politicians could Just Say No.

Hey, Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone: Hundreds of suburban Denver students walked out of classrooms to protest the dumbing down of their history courses, especially the re-targeting of the curricula to inculcate “patriotism and respect for authority” in lieu of lessons about the crimes against humanity that building and maintaining a capitalist society has required.

Price of Progress: That part of the Aw Shucks bombing of ISIS in Syria conducted by F-22 Raptor stealth aircraft (deployed to avoid ISIS air assets) cost $79 million. India's successful mission to Mars cost $74 million. 
Pot/Kettles: Proving that his grip on reality is slipping away, Turkish President Erdoğan is chastising other countries for “not doing enough” to stop foreign fighters from crossing from Turkey into Syria to join ISIS.

There, But For The Grace of God... A man who thought his merchandise was his after he paid for it and refused to show a Costco employee at the exit a receipt for the goods was 'detained', which involved breaking his leg. He's suing for $670,000. I guess I'll keep meekly showing my receipt to the retiree at the Sam's exit. But I don't have to like it.

Details: A report claims that “hydrogen cars show clean, green transport closer to reality”. Closer than what? And does this include the pollution emitted in generating the hydrogen? Free lunch, they've found a free lunch? Not likely.

Size Matters: The United States says it can legally bomb Syria because of the longstanding international tradition that permits the big Western countries to do whatever they want when it comes to impotent small countries, especially those without nukes.

Porn O'Graph: Less just seems like more.

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