Wednesday, September 3, 2014

SAR #14244

Most of us are looking for a better fitting lie, not the truth.

Walks Like A Duck: US forces have begun conducting “military operations” against the al-Shabaab rebels in Somalia. To date the effort appears to be limited to air strikes, but you have to start somewhere.. 
Avalanche: Draghi's austerity driven economic recovery (sic) has turned into stagnation, at best, and is tipping into... something different. Something resembling no growth. Something very similar to a plunge back into recession. “ If Europe's long recession gets worse, it will be because its leaders saw what was happening yet chose not to act."

Dollar Diplomacy: Facing economic threats from the US and UK, Israel has backed down from its plans to steal a thousand acres of land from Palestinians on the West Bank. It seems that taking Palestinian lives is acceptable, but taking their land is not
Supersized: Climate scientists say there is a 50/50 chance for a 'megadrought' lasting 30 years to settle into the American Southwest, with an 80% likelihood of a 10-year 'extreme' drought. Currently over 80% of California is in 'extreme' drought and nearly 60% qualifies as 'exceptional'. Remember the good old days when the Central Valley fed the nation?

Noted: The US health-care system, taken by itself, would be the fifth largest economy in the world.

War Ware Where: The US is opening a drone base in the middle of nowhere the Sahara as a base for surveilling and attacking Islamic jihadists in North and West Africa. Attendance at weddings is expected to plunge dramatically. 
Fortune, Cookies: Now that low paid Chinese factory workers have dismantled US manufacturing and turned well paid workers into grab and run clerks, the Chinese assault on high skilled jobs is underway. Training programs for the newly unemployed are futile if there will be no jobs left in the country regardless of 'skills'. What part of 'race to the bottom' didn't you understand? Why do you keep falling for these damned 'trade agreements' that are nothing but suicide pacts?

Tit For Tat: Australia's plan to dump 3 million cubic meters of crap onto the Great Barrier reef will be abandoned, as will its attempt to tax billionaire miner Clive Palmer – who was the intended beneficiary of despoiling the reef. Win some, lose $6.5 billion, keep office.
If, Then: If you are one of 2.5 million homeowners who are facing an average $250 a month bump in your mortgage payment within the next 3 years, are you expecting a 10 – 15% pay raise, or are you going to stop eating?

Ounce Of Prevention: If you do not want nude pictures of yourself published all over the internet, don't let people take nude pictures of you. Otherwise shut up and enjoy the notoriety. 
Public Serviced: ATT maintains that cities should not be allowed to offer internet service where ATT or other commercial firms currently do or may do in the future, because interfering with their monopoly would damage our capitalist system.

Rash: Turns out your skin cells are smarter than you thought. Researchers have discovered that human skin actually tells the brain not only that it is being touched, but it also does some calculations and tells the brain the general shape of whaterver it is that's touching it. So stay in touch. 
Porn O'Graph: Keeping down with the Joneses.

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