Saturday, September 27, 2014

SAR #14268

It is not over, it is not nearly over. 

Keeping Score: While over 50 countries were giving in to US pressure to join the latest Crusade, ISIS was busy overrunning an Iraqi Army Base on the outskirts of Baghdad. And in Afghanistan ISIS wannabes beheaded 15 people just because they could and besides, it makes them feel important.
Definitions: The FBI is seriously upset with Apple and Google for locking them out of users' phones. According to the FBI it is every American's right to be secretly recorded by the Forces of Good.

The Winter of Our Discontent: Russia, having become tired of the Mickey Mouserie, made it clear that if the EU continued to supply Ukraine with gas while Ukraine still owes Russia for gas from last year and the year before, various EU countries would not get any Russian gas. Hungary got to go first, cutting off Ukraine to keep the hat on at home. So the EU is going to give Ukraine a few billion dollars to give to Russia and everyone will pretend the sanctions mean diddly. 
That Didn't Take Long: Short sellers have begun placing their bets against Alibaba's ridiculous valuations. Now for Apple.

Remedial Class: Remember peak oil? Thought it didn't happen, right. Thought it was just a passing fancy, right? But production of conventional oil did peak, back in 2005, just as predicted. The downward economic spiral came along right on time, too. It hasn't been as dramatic as expected, mostly because of the US fracking boom. But that's going to be but a passing fancy – good for a couple more years at most. And with oil down to $90 a barrel, a lot of would-be fracking wells, won't be. And the debts that made the last 30, 40 years of prosperity possible will be called. And then we'll be re-reading those peak oil prophecies. 
Proportion: The same MSM that warn us that ISIS is going to behead people on the A train are concerned that Kim Jong Un may have gout. Actually, the gout story is more likely true.

Victimization: In Louisiana a rape victim should check her insurance coverage before reporting the rape; the cops will charge her for the cost of the forensic medical exam and related hospital charges – even though both state and federal guidelines call for these services to be provided at no cost to the victim. But in Louisiana you are not a victim of rape until the test results come back.

Balanced Budget: Because cops in Montreal wrote fewer tickets this summer, the city wants the police union to make up for the budgetary shortfall that resulted.

Sampler: “Working longer and longer hours until there is no time left for anything else is not the best the way to get the freedom [you] are looking for.” Paul Krugman

Kill Them All: Michele Bachmann helpfully points out that Islam is the problem and the US must “declare war on it.” It says so in the Good Book, Far Right Edition. 
Porn O'Graph: Jobs, take two, they're small.

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