Friday, September 5, 2014

SAR #14246

There should be a difference between free markets and flea markets.

These Boots Were Made For Sneaking Around: 'American forces are on the ground here': Kurds claim US commandos ARE fighting ISIS with them in northern Iraq, after Obama said no 'combat troops' would fight Troops who “look like” American SF soldiers have been seen operating on the ground in Kurdish areas of Iraq. They are thought to be “painting” targets with infra-red for aerial attacks, which could be construed – by lawyers – as not actually fighting, which would keep Obama's “no combat troops”. As would the few hundred extra troops he's sending as “advisors”. Don't worry about the US contingent that is playing war games in western Ukraine, they're just playing. It's a long-planned training exercise, it says here... Move along. Nothing to be seen. 
One Forward, Two Back: We are building CO2-emitting power plants faster than we are closing CO2-emitting power plants. And pretending there's such a thing as 'clean coal' or that we are ever going to actually see 'carbon capture and sequestration' doesn't help either.

Kodachrome: Word is that over 2,100 more pictures of US soldiers abusing their prisoners will soon be released. It is easier to understand the psychology that leads to such abuse than it is to understand the stupidity that leads to recording it.

Harvest: The real problem with GMO crops is not the GMO part – that's just a modern version of selective breeding. The problem with GMO crops are patents and lawsuits. If farmers were free to save and use the seeds, most of the problem would go away. Then' we'd just have to find a way to stop silly things like Roundup-Ready, which has nothing to do with actual improvements to the seed inventory and everything to do with inculcating dependency.

Questioning: The current crop of young adult (25 – 35) Americans and Europeans is the first generation in the developed world that is worse off than its parents. It won't be the last.

Habit Forming: Remember last years parade of 'polar vortexes'? They're most likely the result of shrinking ice coverage in the Arctic and most the repeated blasts of frigid air spilling down across the plains to the Gulf Coast and across the east will become a regular part of winter, thanks to global warming
Explain, Please: How is it that states with “right-to-work” laws have to spend more on public assistance than states with stronger unions?


Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

A quick apology - sometimes life happens, as it did around here yesterday. We now resume our regular programing. - ckm

Anonymous said...

Re Kodachrome: Let us perhaps take a moment to praise stupidity, for without it, the pictures might not have been taken, and the abuses not come to light.

And I'd suggest we don't well understand the psycholological source of abusive behavior, otherwise we might have found a way to avoid it, or at least be more aware of the potential risks.