Thursday, September 11, 2014

SAR #14252

A recipe is not legally binding.

Four More Years: Obama says we are ready for the next chapter of War of Retribution, Middle East Part III. The elections have nothing to do with it
Win Some, Lose Some: While US consumer credit grew the most since 2001, retailers reported 'lackluster' sales. So we're borrowing more to buy less, no? And mortgage applications dropped 7.2%, too, to the lowest level since 2000.

Causes Have Effects: Gazprom is retaliating for the sanctions on Russia by cutting gas flow to Poland by 24%. Wait for winter.

Pssst! Now It Still Can't Be Told: The development of industrial capitalism in the US depended on slavery, and continues to depend on slavery abroad and practices that are but slavery in thin disguise at home. For some reason a book making this point is being treated as a revelation. 
Dilettante: South Carolina House Speaker Bobby Harrell has been indicted on criminal charges ranging from misconduct in office to personal use of campaign funds. Lining one's pockets is a centuries-old political tradition; you'd think they'd get better at it.

600 Pound Gorilla: The United States has instructed the European Union’s police agency to withhold its own annual internal data-protection review because they didn't say 'may I'.

Dumbing For Dollars: The list of major contributors backing the 'Cliamte Denier Caucus' on Capital Hill starts not with an energy company, but with AT&T, then Exxon. But then the next few big bribers are JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Price Waterhouse, and Ernst & Young. It's about the profits.

Friend Of The Family: The British are pleading BP's case to the US Supreme Court, trying to limit the damages BP will have to pay because the lower court rulings undermine the ability of companies to rape and pillage without hindrance and to pass their costs on to their victims – just as the British Empire did for centuries.

Surprise, Surprise: The Fed says that the growing wealth gap in the US has a strong racial basis.

Words, Words, Words: The World Bank says “there is a global jobs crisis, … a shortage of jobs, and the world needs to add an extra 600 million jobs by 2030 just to keep up with population growth. Improving things will take even more jobs. It sees “no magic bullet to solve the problem.” They also expect to see “wage and income inequality widening within many G20 countries.” The prognosis “Current projections are dim. Challenging times loom large."

Plastics: According to data from the Fed, 25% of college grads earn about the same as the average Joe with just a high school degree.

Tech Support: Apple iPhone6 owners who encounter difficulties should ask the nearest Android/Nexus 4 user for help. They've had most of the 'new' stuff for years. 
Form, Not Content: In order to re-enlist in the US Air Force, an atheist airman has been told he must swear a false oath. Re-enlistment requires that he swear to support and defend the Constitution “So help me God.” Everyone in his chain of command, up to and including the President, knows the phrase is, at least in this case, hollow and meaningless. But they are going to make him say the words or become a civilian.

Exodus: Thirty-six percent of Israelis are considering emigration. Not to Gaza.

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