Wednesday, September 17, 2014

SAR #14258

Elections don’t change things, only the rich and the political elites win. Masaccio

Wayback Machine: Congress, looking for someone, anyone, to do the dying they don't want to Americans to do, is slowly deciding to arm Afghanistan mujahideen “moderate” Syrian rebels and don't want to remember how these things usually turn out. 
The Hits Keep Coming: NASA reports that last month was the warmest August (globally) on record and the 354th consecutive month with a global average temperature above the 20th century average. Strange fish are showing up in the Gulf of Alaska, where the waters have become unusually warm. PricewaterhouseCoopers figures that we are only 20 years away from a climate change catastrophe. That's why Texas troglodytes want to require that school books deny any human input to climate change, if they mention it at all. 
Chickens, Roosting: A district judge has ruled that the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision means that a member of a fundamentalist Mormon group does not have to honor a federal subpoena if it would violate his religious principles. Sure would mine.

Convergence: Like the religious right in the US, ISIS has banned the teaching of evolution in schools under its control. 
Conditionals On The Ground: Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, says that even with US advisers accompanying Iraqi troops in battle, the fight against ISIS will be neither easy nor brief and that if it does not go well, reintroducing US ground troops into the battle would be necessary. What's the over/under, January?

Either Or Or: Reports claim that 50% of US adults are either pre-diabetic, diabetic or have doctors who have been convinced everyone over 27 should take more pills. Which is most of us.
Goosing the Gander: If a school board, in a place like Orange County, FL for example, decides to allow religious pamphlets and Bibles to be distributed to students, they are deciding that materials from the Wickans, Buddhists, Muslims, snake handlers and pastafarians can be handed out too. It's called equality under the law. 
Magic Money: Until a digital wallet increases the amount of money I have and makes it harder for me to waste, I don't want one.

Hey, Lady: Senate Republicans have once more blocked an effort by the Democrats to bring a little more pay equity to the nation's female workers. The Republicans said the bill was too broad and would cost too much. Too bad this won't cost the Republicans enough votes to make an impression.

Fine Print: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is suing the for-profit Corinthian College chain, alleging that the company is defrauding potential students by lying about job prospects and career services Corinthian would provide. Seems the enterprise is more concerned with profiting from getting students to take out predatory tuition loans than it is about educating anyone. Unlike politicians, colleges are apparently not permitted to lie in their advertising.

You Don't Always Get What You Paid For: Like a seat at a Kayne West concert.

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