Saturday, September 13, 2014

SAR #14254

If people do not want to know the truth, any lie will do.

Dewey Wins! The Scottish independence vote is either too close to call, the 'stays' are a point or two ahead, or the fools will carry the day. It’s clear that no matter how it goes, the US will have to intervene. That's what we do.

Operation Fast Start: The US flew over 2,700 combat missions against IS before the President decided announced that such attacks would begin. The US military has deployed 475 spotters to identify targets and the IS has deployed captured anti-aircraft batteries against US aircraft, hitting at least one F-15. So, what else will go wrong?

Pants On Fire: A Federal judge, citing Frank Underwood, has ruled that lying to gain public office is the American Way, and that requiring candidates to run truthful advertising would sully the concept of Free Speech. Voters, he said, should be on the outlook for pigs in pokes.

Different Versions: The half-full folks say that the price of oil is dropping because the US has found an endless supply that is flooding the market. The half-empty bunch suggests that the crashing global economy is cutting demand dramatically. 
Violently Neutral: Israel's Netanyahu says that killing the Islamic State jihadists is good, killing all the Shia and all the Sunni would be better. 
Creative Writing Class: The career conspiracy cohort is claiming that Mexican Drug Cartels will prevent ISIS from infiltrating the US via Mexico because they don't want the US Military to begin operations on the Mexican border and interupt their delivery schedules.

The Threat: What happens when someone with Ebola travels to the mega-slums of Lagos, Nairobi, Kinshasa, Mogadishu, or Karachi, Jakarta, Rio or Mexico City? What happens when it mutates and becomes transmittable by air, by breathing, instead of by contact with bodily fluids? 
Reality Check: Close your eyes and picture one of Romney's 'takers'. Now look me in the eye and tell me you're not prejudiced.

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