Tuesday, February 2, 2016

SAR #16033

This Just In: Hillary trounces Sanders by 0.2% and Trump never had a prayer.

Money Changers: Donors giving $1,000,000 or more make up 90% of Hillary's Super PAC contributors. Bernie raised $20 million in January from donations averaging $27.
And Another Thing: “Actual unannounced military exercises—complete with live ammo and explosives – were conducted last year inside the city of Flint. The army decided to practice urban warfare on Flint, making use of the thousands of abandoned homes which they could drop bombs on. Streets with dilapidated homes had rocket-propelled grenades fired upon them.”
Dust-Up: Cops in a Chattanooga suburb mistook a Guatemalan cleaning lady at the local middle school for a burglar, tasered her and then arrested her for evading arrest.
Guernica: Russia has sent a squadron of advanced fighter jets to Syria in its continuing display of military prowess.
Friends: US paratroopers will soon be deployed to begin training a battalion of Ukrainian Nazis to continue the US proxy war with Russia.
Love The Sinner: Nestlé is being praised for admitting that it used slaves in producing seafood from Thailand and claims that trying to talk its subcontractors into treating its captives more humanely is the solution. It is less forthcoming about its dependence on children laboring in deplorable conditions in the Ivory Coast to produce cocoa.
Just A Coincidence: The fact that the mosquito-borne Zika epidemic is centered on the same geographic section of Brazil where genetically modified mosquitoes were released has no probative value.
Measure Twice, Cut Once: How much debt is too much for an individual? That depends on how much unmortgaged future you have left. Pretty much the same holds for countries.
The Parting Shot: 


George Anderson said...

I belabor the obvious when I point out that the Oligarchs aren't interested in Peace. Like the monarchies of old, the oligarchs oppress the rabble so to make the rebels among us act out [so they can be arrested/imprisoned before they gather too many suppporters!]

The downside of this strategy is it amplifies their unpopularity so when the tipping point is finally reached the end result is chaos with widespread bloodshed rather than just random, isolated incidents.

So far there has been much support for the opposition but no action while those in the employ of the oppressors take names and make connections...another strategy that amplifies hatred...but their control of the media lets them pretend it's not there!

Did you catch the financial news this AM? Financial gurus want companies to cease quarterly reporting.

Imagine how fabulous the economy will be when we stop measuring its actual performance! [Or at least that's the theory.]

And, not so ironically, the idiot investor class will go along with it [as long as it keeps them rich!]

If only we truly believed everything we read/heard/were told...what a wonderful world it would be {shoot me now!}

George Anderson said...

I also belabor the obvious when I point out that so long as the violence doesn't reach them, they're perfectly fine with it!

Tulsatime said...

Did we ever determine of that story about a US airbase in northern Syria was bogus, legit, or pre-approved release?

Dammed if it does not seem like the 'gubbmint' wants to incite a direct confrontation with Russia. Have we lost our collective minds?