Monday, February 8, 2016

SAR #16039

Bumper Crop: Rubio says he would tell rape victims that rape “is a terrible situation”, but force the victim to carry the baby anyway because “an unborn child has a right to live, irrespective of the circumstances of which they were conceived.” He would get a group of old white guys to examine each raped baby factory and determine if she was wearing a too-short skirt or otherwise caused the rape, such as by having breasts. If they find her to be as innocent as new fallen snow that no dog has yet pissed on, then the government will give her $143 a month to support the child for the first 12 days, not counting weekends.
Illegal Formation: Roger Goodell says NFL has ‘no higher priority’ than profits player safety.
Poster Boy: Why is everybody so down on Martin Shkreli ? He's a capitalist, and a very good one, a role model for our children. If you don't agree, then you must be one of those liberals who believes in big government interfering in the free market, telling people what they can and can't do.
Misdirection: Hillary is upset that Bernie “insinuated” that she was corrupt. Nope, weren't no insinuation about it, ma'am.
Carpet Bumbling: Trump claims that he will re-institute waterboarding and it won't be a war crime because he'll declassify it and do it in public. And he'll also “bring back a hell of a lot worse,” like draw-and-quarter tractor pulls on TV. And if that doesn't get the confessions he wants, he'll force them to invest in one of his casino projects.
Mushroom Farming: At least 30% of contracts between police officers represented by the Fraternal Order of Police and various cities contain provisions requiring that all disciplinary records and complaints made against officers be kept secret or destroyed.
GOP Dominance Explained: Our fear of loss is twice as powerful as our hope for future gains. We fear change, we fear we might lose what little we have, we fear they – the others – will get something at some possible cost to us. We are irrational. Sanders hasn't got a chance, even against the sleaze heading up the GOP pack.
Protectively Self Serving: The Chicago cop who “accidentally” shot and killed a college student and a mother living next door is suing the kid's family for “extreme emotional trauma” he has suffered as a result of his actions.
Privately: Chris Christie has signed a bill making it easier for him to sell New Jersey's public water systems to supporters who have given him substantial contributions private corporations.
Free Donuts: In NC, 58 year-old man died while competing in the Krispy Kreme Challenge race – a five mile race with a break at the halfway point where contestants must eat a dozen donuts. Glazed.
The Parting Shot:


McMike said...

re poster boy. Golly, that New Yorker piece was particularly weak.

McMike said...

re NFL. Goodell can say whatever he wants, he is riding a sinking ship.

I heard on NPR just the other day that there are 30,000 less kids playing football than just five years ago.

The descent will be initially uneven, as some parents insist (with Goodell's cheer-leading from the sidelines) - insist perhaps even defiantly - on putting their kids into the sport they once played,

But as people come to learn that their friends who played high school ball are now succumbing to CTE, the end will be assured.

Lawsuits from players will finish it off.

This comes from someone who has long enjoyed watching the sport. But is finding it harder and harder to appreciate without second thoughts.

George Anderson said...

RE: Poster Boy: Naturally any publication taking on the buccaneers preferred method of extortion would soft pedal the real issue and as usual, scold him for 'not doing it right' [Paying for a 'study' that could be used regardless of the outcome to justify the price increase, again regardless of how whacky the rationale used was.]

IF ONLY he had used 'research' to justify his greed/tireless work for the shareholders, everything would have been 'above boards'.

The other capitalists could even instruct the scientists in their pocket to back the research, again regardless of how ridiculous.

Sadly Shkreli didn't 'follow procedure' and now he's paying the price.

Re Carpet Bombing: Trump serves as a prime example of why we should be glad the presidency is pretty much a 'figurehead' position. Dick Nixon {John McCarthy's wingman} got the 'Imperial Presidency' train rolling and now the Republican clowncar isn't running for President, they're all running to be 'Commander-in-chief'...which is only part of the job...perhaps it's the only part they want to do. W did come right out and say things [assuming he's talking about what his 'Masters' wanted him to do would be a lot easier if he were a dictator.]

Only slightly more disturbing is how the 'Working Class' has disappeared from the public lexicon since St. Ronnie led the FCC revolution that de-regulated the public commons. It's no coincidence he also led the charge to 'privatize' the healthcare system and by presidential decree, outlawed 'sympathy strikes' [which is exactly what should have happened when he unilaterally fired PATCO]

United we stand...says so on our money so it must be true! But the only ones united in this den of crooks was the Union E-boards and the corporate mafia.

Now there's no unions to speak of...unless you work in the public sector and as Mushroom Farming points out, covering up corruption is about all they're good for, you have to ask yourself, what will it take to truly unite us?

Will it really take an 'Alien Invasion?'

kwark said...

RE "Privately": The "advocate" of the bill quoted in the piece was a Democrat. Yet more evidence, if needed, that corruption is rampant in both major parties. The "help towns escape the financial burden of making costly upgrades" argument is pathetically stupid but where I live there are a sizable number of people who actually do think that private companies, because they're SO much more efficient, will simply absorb the cost of doing said upgrades and make their profit over the long term. Really. The triumph of corporate propaganda over reality.

Anonymous said...

shop = cop? Perhaps there is a bit of truth in that slip/typo.

New Jersey (and every state) for Sale: a kind of justice, considering a majority of American voters through apathy and hedonism put into place a banking and economic world system that has Greece, and now thanks to TPP and TAP, much of the "disposable nations(ie: not USA) already selling itself into bondage.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Anony 5.52 - Ah, serendipity. Thanks.