Friday, February 5, 2016

SAR #16036

Something smells in the Democratic Party.” Des Moines Register
All TPP'd Out: “I hope Congress will use its constitutional authority to stop this deal before it makes things even worse and even more dangerous for America’s hardest-working families.” Elizabeth Warren, who fears the TPP “would tilt the playing field even more in favor of a big multinational corporations and against working families.”
Say Amen: Governments at various levels from local to state and federal spent $3.4 million taxpayer dollars containing and ending the stupidity of the Bundy militants. They should be forced to pay us back.
To Be Honest:” Hillary 'It's my turn' Clinton claims “I am a progressive who gets results,” but has no particular results to point to. Sure, she screwed up single payer for a quarter century back in the early 1990s, voted for the Iraq debacle, sat with Obama as he selected which Americans to murder with drones, refused to lobby against TPP and said she opposed it only for election purposes. No wonder Sanders has renewed his call for Clinton to enumerate her progressive bonafides.
Asked & Answered: Are we really so stupid that we would , as a society, extend trillions of dollars to college students for educations that will not land them jobs nor let them ever pay off the debts? Yes.
Price List: In Shepherdsville, KY, the mayor will gladly help parolees with their problems, in exchange for sex. What the prosecutors get out of not prosecuting him for these admitted offenses wasn't on the menu. Must have been the chef's special.
No Reasonable Offer Refused: When asked about the outrageous speaking fees she accepted from Wall Street, Clinton shrugged and said “That's what they offered me.” So go ahead, make an offer. She's easy. Just one reason Jimmy Carter calls our current campaign finance rules “legalized bribery.”
Orally: Oral Roberts University requires that all incoming students wear a Fitbit tracking device 24/7 to make sure they are not engaging in sex getting enough exercise.
Porn O'Graph: Migration explained.
The Parting Shot:
The chips are down...


McMike said...

re school loans. It's not stupid; it's a plan. College is supposed to prepare young adults for modern life. So, what better practice for modern economic life than getting used to carrying crushing loads of debt, at levels that bear no relationship to the earnings potential it supposedly leverages, and held by a creditor that has no limits or scruples as to what it will do to collect from you.

With debtors prisons and indentured servitude making a comeback, we are in fact nearing perfection for this model. The only thing missing is to issue the unlimited credit cards directly to the teenagers towards whom so much psychologically-manipulating product marketing is now directed.

George Anderson said...

I'd counter that it's more so one of the most heinious manifestations of 'profits before people' along with being a blatant example of false people that should know better! [All education is government supervised and much of it is publicly funded...and the customer definitely isn't getting what they pay for.

And in that respect McMike is correct, the 'deception' is flagrant/obvious but like most Merikans, we take our BS seriously and, sadly NOBODY is protecting these consumers, least of all those in charge of the halls of academia because the 'profit motive' comes first.

It's crap like this that make many observers opine/wonder what we're going to run out of first, rope or light poles?

Those who shamelessly prey upon their own people don't deserve the benefits of civil society, an association that relies [heavily] upon trust.

Makes you question what's more valuable, Free Speech or Truth? because so far the liars are 'winning'...

Anonymous said...

The two previous comments are worthy of consideration.

But who put the oral in Oral Roberts University?

McMike said...

re Hilary's support among Latinos and African-Americans. Indeed, she is willing to stick her neck out on racial social issues, so long as it doesn't require talking about class or economic inequality. Kinda like abortion, in the end, as far as the elite are concerned, it's a side-show.

re: cost of Oregon secession effort. I'd like to know how they count this stuff. Sometimes, it seems wildly high, other times surprisingly low. I wonder if they just pull out a dart board, or spitball for numbers that sound about right. FWIW, $3.4 million is $100,000 per day. It all comes down to the per-hour assignments and indirect cost allocations.

This website says we spend $8.4 million per hour on war. I did not check out their methodology.