Tuesday, February 23, 2016

SAR #16054

We have become accustomed to the government executing people in our name.
Guns & Roses: Economist James K. Galbraith has responded to the CEA's hatchet job – and more importantly Paul Krugman's uncritical acceptance of their questionable conclusions – of Professor Friedman's analyses of Senator Sanders' economic program, finding that “under conventional assumptions, the projected impact of Senator Sanders' proposals stems from their scale and ambition. When you dare to do big things, big results should be expected.” It seems that Clinton supporter Friedman is a tad more rigorous than Clinton supporter Krugman, which is probably more revealing than the analyses themselves. It all goes to show how panic has spread throughout the DNC's networks.
Dissembling: Tim Cook says Apple's refusal to unlock iPhone for FBI is a ”marketing decision”. 'civil liberties' issue.
Pre-existing Conditions: For Big Pharma, Big Healthcare and the healthcare insurance scammers, the best off all possible worlds would be another Clinton White House, this one facing a Republican Congress. She does not have much of a want list and would be unable to enact what little nips and tucks she thinks passable. So they would all keep getting richer and contributing to her re-election campaign.
Quoted: “I'll be so proud when my daughter is president and runs a corrupt oligarchy, just like Hillary.”
Find The Exit Nearest You: If you live in Michigan, leave now. Don't pack, just go. The state is home to two of the deadliest cities in the nation: Detroit, easily the easiest city in the nation ; and Flint, which leads the nation with the highest level of governmental depraved indifference to the death and maiming of its children. In Michigan, especially if you are black, you get to chose between the bullet or the constant drip, drip, drip of avoidable poisons.
Reminder: Sanders, not Clinton, is the nation's best chance to stop Trump. Let's keep our priorities straight.
Parable: When it comes to Britain's vote on leaving the European Union, the EU seems to have put its one egg in its one basket because they've only got the one egg and the one basket. Without Great Britain there is no European Union.
Plausibility:In 2012, the American people decided that Barack Obama should appoint justices to the Supreme Court to fill any vacancies that occurred between January of 2013 and January of 2017. Period. ” Seventeen Supreme Court justices have been confirmed during election years.
Data Point: The latest Quinnipiac Poll (Feb 18) showed that among likely voters, 71% of the men and 64% of women find Clinton “not honest and trustworthy.”
Imaginary Friends: Why do we – and our representatives in the major political parties – pretend that the Supreme Court is supposed to be politically impartial, but insist that our side gets to pick the justices? Why don't we have impartial Presidents? Will the mythic wisdom of the Constitution us?
Porn O'Graph: Mama don't allow no short people...
A Parting Shot:
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McMike said...

re Apple. I must confess that this issue caught me by surprise. I had assumed that there were no protections left, and everything was already fully back-doored, monitored real-time, or hackable.

I am still having trouble accepting that at least some of the data in my phone has not already been hoovered up while it was entered, the phone's software updated, apps used, or phone backed up.

The idea that the damn thing is locked from any and all prying eyes, simply based on the old school four digit user-controlled manual keypad, strikes me still - despite the kerfuffle - as dubious.

Anonymous said...

Hoover Dam: If it flows into or out of the Dam, then the potential exists for it to be in some data-base outside the phone. If it's photos, etc; taken with the camera of the phone, not shared nor never backed-up over the net, then in theory it could be secure behind the barrage.

Cooking the FBI's Books: Tim would have been better off sticking with his original argument, that opening a back-door would make it so much easier for any Apple user who banks on their phone to find their credit maxed out by a hacker. That he probably found this argument too honest and scary for Apple users is perhaps a bigger hat tip to marketing.

Sanders paper: Sanders has told the oligarchy that runs the DNC fiefdom that he'd not disband the grass roots program if he got elected, ie: he'd do a Jeremy Corybn on them. That worries them so badly that they would rather have Trump.

G-fan said...


This is the song I think about when I watch the latest drone kill report.

George Anderson said...

The consensus around the 'fig leaf' Apple Ceo Cook is waving is the FBI or any number of it's 'contractors' have already dissected that phone down to it's circuitry...so having Apple 'agree' to unlock the unit provides them with 'legal access' to use/act on what they found.

Naturally, 'allowing' law enforcement access to the data will set a legal precident that will be stretched to fit all PDA's..and kill sales.

People will switch back to 'dumb phones', maybe marketing can do something with that 'opportunity'?

Personally I'd call it a blessing in disguise...people who own PDA's don't talk to anyone anymore and are held captive by the mindbenders online...and it's long been proven that the average consumer is gullible beyond belief.

Which is why they'll keep buying/using smartphones when it's obviously a bad idea.

Jim Dandy said...

Sanders would not have been allowed to run for the DP candidacy if he had not already been vetted by our political masters. To assert otherwise is at best risible. How is it that no one has learned this after eight years of Obama?

George Anderson said...

@ Jim Dandy: Agreed but appreciate our 'overlord's predicament', can't just single out a member of the clown car and coronate them...and sadly Hillary is past her sell by date [Which is to say as time passed Billy-boy has been exposed as being as big a sellout as any of the past five 'figureheads'. He is viewed as directly responsible for the ecomomic meltdown of 2007 for his repeal of Glass-Stegal. It 'stretches credibility' that she's polling as well as the media claims. So they give the nod to the only 'Independent' in Congress and provide him with a platform that will 'inspire the rabble'...but what is he really promising?

The overturn of Citizen's United? Doubling the minimum wage [does no one remember what happened the last time they did that? Wages doubled and expenses quadrupled! How about 'free college?' Does zero to address the real problem, not enough jobs...the only way to [civily] solve that crisis is the twenty hour [Avg] workweek and making housing a 'gimme'.

Bernie is the lesser of many evils but it's unfortunate that NOBODY is addressing the very real problems facing our, er, 'civilization'...

Anonymous said...

I don't think any of those are the real problems facing the civilization, if one could call it that. Nature will fix it though, and sooner than many might think.