Thursday, February 11, 2016

SAR #16042

Summary Judgment: Sure Trump and Sanders won in New Hampshire while the rest of the wannabes embarrassed themselves, but the DNC and RNC were the biggest losers.
More And Better: The nation's senior spy, James Clapper, assured Congress that US intelligence agencies were ready and willing to integrate the “internet of things” into their 24/7 snooping into the lives of every American – through their smart phones, TV, computers, baby monitors, security systems, and all the new and coming devices that will monitor you and what you do in your home. Even Barbie has been recruited to spy on you and your child.
Zeroing In: JPMorgan suggests that the ECB may cut interest rates to a negative 4.5%, with the Bank of Japan going to 3.45% negative interest, the UK dipping to a minus 2.6% and the US Fed cutting rates to -1.3%. No wonder the world's central banks are interested in doing away with cash.
Order Of Battle: In New Hampshire Sanders won majorities of both men and women, won those with and those without college degrees, gunowners and the unarmed, those who had voted in previous primaries and those voting for the first time. He also won the young and those under 45, then tied Clinton for those 45 – 64. Hillary dominated among those over 65 and those making over $200,000. Any questions?
Ursa Major: Global stock markets are, or are fast becoming, bear markets – defined as a 20% drop in stock prices.
The Wheels on the Bus House Appropriations Chair Hal Rogers warns that conservative Republican representatives will not support the budget deal that was Boehner's death knell. If the House tries to change the deal, it is unlikely to pass the Senate and may put Paul Ryan in the same hopeless situation that got him the Speakership, trying to force an omnibus spending bill past an unhappy House.
Democratic Inaction: To insure electoral integrity, officials should insist on the use of paper ballots, publicly counted, stored with an impeccable chain of custody and available for recount and audit when necessary. The Democratic caucus in Iowa failed to follow this simple process, which is why there are still serious questions about the results.
Comes The Dawn: It seems that “the market” does not work the way we've been told; it may not work at all, by golly.
Words & Deeds: Before he was the second-place winner of the NH beauty pageant, Ohio's Governor John Kasich said he would sign a bill defunding Planned Parenthood if the legislature passed it. They now have and it'll be interesting to see whether candidate Kasich wants women's votes more than he wants to control their wombs.
Off To The Races: To those who claim that Sanders has not evidenced much support among non-whites, I'd like to point out the rather severe lack of non-whites in Iowa and New Hampshire. Maybe he hasn't drawn a lot of non-white votes because of Iowa and NH's problem with non-whites, not Bernie's.
The Parting Shot:


Anonymous said...

About Bernie and Negroes - Influential writers like Ta-Nehesi Coates and Michelle Alexander have recently expressed themselves in his favor.

DTen said...

Iowa was really squirrely in the vote counting, and because of so many superdelegates in New Hampshire Clinton will get one more delegate than Sanders despite losing by 22% in the popular vote. The fix is already in....

George Anderson said...

I belabor the obvious when I opine 'The System' wasn't built for sustainability and , as we all know full well, anything even remotely resembling 'equity', never mind efficency.

The system serves as a justification of advantage for certain individuals, individuals who exploit their advantage over the rest of us for personal gain.

Not a particularly stable platform to begin with but when the law is used to enforce inequity, this is what you get.

Tangential to this is the lack of 'transparency' when it comes to the electoral process.

Those who control the media 'coronate' the candidate of their choice and then obsfucate any attempts to uncover/reveal the truth. This is the danger presented by the 'middle of the road' candidate. That one can be firmly in their pocket but mouths the words enough of the public wants to hear making victory 'credible', just like the current meatpuppet.

Which is to opine/agree that the whole 'process' has been suborned.
We can only wonder why we use 'secret' ballots at all. Most of us aren't shy when it comes to politics and it frequently comes to open hostility/blows between ardent supporters.

But back in the days of the monarchs, expressing one's dissatisfaction with the current officeholder had some very detrimental side effects.

Which leads us to Come the Dawn: (nicely put) and the likelihood that markets aren't 'efficeint' after all. Maybe the author chose poorly, example-wise, but logically, any/all 'new/virgin' stocks should outperform existing ones, even if their foundation is deeply flawed (and, rules being what they are, 'flawed' stocks shouldn't make it to IPO if the premise isn't at least marginally viable.)

Since the whole financial edifice is built on 'belief' and worse, based on trust (and in the end it's theft.) Stocks are the ultimate 'do it yourself' money. Values are completly ficticious and it only serves those with, er, 'posessions' to 'magnify' those posessions.

While the rest of us sit on the sidelines, shaking our heads in disbelief, thinking WTF!

T said...

I will have to admit I'm at a loss as to why banks think negative interest rates are good for anything except deflation. My new approach is to take all those economic arguments and rotate them 90 degrees to greed. QE is not for spurring the economy, it is for shoveling money directly into the pockets of the financial class. The same for ZIRP and NIRP.

The abstract reason is, 'then there will be more economic activity', but that is fallacy. People that are NOT rich spend and make economic activity, and then over time the elite alter the system to increase their diversion of that wealth. Ever since the 50's, the rich have been tinkering, but the world is out of expansion room now. Hopefully the reset coming up will leave some folks around to have another try at a social order. Phase I of humanity, the expand like crazy part, seems to be over.